Battle arena - campers

can u make move players in arena bc many are standing and getting all wins and its no fun at all

Thats called camping, they sit there stack up and then hopefully theyre stronger than other players

it’s because you didn’t face my barrage build yet, I’ll obliterate all your fun, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


face me at start

i just cant find the best fit for dmg

I used to use orb reactor i stopped using living force so they go further and i can defeat those types of enemys… i have my plans for a better build though, i have no intention of keeping my build private though so ill post it when i finish it… not starting it for a while though


i despise camper builds. ugh. really wish they’d force some kinda interaction… but then i’ve only recently come to realise you never really face human opponents. so the ai seems pretty limited.

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Playing against AIs is pretty easy: Once you figure a way to beat a certain build, you’ll almost never lose again to that build applying the same technique over and over again


They are complaining on AI (robots), i whanted to see i it wazz real players…


This is true.


Then i may say youre not a great player, instead of telling your rants here why figure out there weaknesses, theres no perfect build​:grin: observe,think,plan thats my tips for you hihihi you might wanna face @luisfsk and flasher13​:joy::joy::joy:


lol​:smile: i faced it many times, i thought you were a cheater at first​:joy::joy::joy: those freaking barrage that damage me 15k+ each​:joy::joy::joy:

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maybe ill beat u with one shot :smiling_imp:

Shoot 'em now!!!


Lol you cant beat me​:joy::joy::joy: im in the banned league, follow me there then beat me​:joy::joy:

This is actually true… I use the Orb OH to Teleport + Shatter to close the gaps immediately for camping Pistoleers. I don’t use the same strategy for Archers though. The Rogue Assassin Blinkstrike proc + Discordance can close the gap quickly too provided you have a stealth proc + decent dodge %.

Already made 1 camper build i hope it will stay for a while just to kick some cheater assrse cr dits to @Mr_Scooty and @Midlumer and as i have observe your immortal builds i have finally made one i hope it will be the same as @Mandelbrot

I am playing as a rogue in battle arena and i encountered in this situation many times. I am a chakram user and cant reach them what should i do?

hardcore playstyle [7:15]