Block on armor

How to get block crystal affix on armor? Which set affix shud i craft to put obsidian on it?

You can only get block on OH using Obsidian. The other gears need to be from drop only with crystal legend block on gears like Frost Raven ring or Revenge Helmet. I have attached a few crystal drop examples.

After so many tries. I got a block crystal affix on armor. By using the indoras boon armor. Tried all set affixes but ths war armor will rly give a block affix

Yrs that one will work also with drop. You can also get Crystal Armor or HP on hit with that gear.

With drop only? Not by using obsidian ayt?

I have only ever had or heard of being able to Use obsidian for block on OH. The others have been drop/dust in my experience. Through the use of dust, you can now get legend crystals quite easily.

I used dust below to obtain this gear in a few seconds. The second gear is illustrative to show the crystal armor.

Oh that’s nice! I never thought that it can be change.

I didn’t change anything (it is two different gears). The illustration was to show that the epic and legend affix on this gear can become crystal. If you have a gear that has an affix in the cyan/obsidian pool on that exact gear, it can become crystal drop on the gear.

Here is a good example. Warrior Pandora shield. This shield has 4 affixes that have the possibility to become crystal on drop. See below.

Warrior Legend Pandora

All Resist Drop

Block Drop

Dodge Drop

Armor Drop

Actually you can get block for all classes with Obsidian but only on OH. Everything else, you need a warrior legend and then Jasper it if need be. Frost Raven is one example.

Yea. But im just wondering how to get block on armor. And also abt epiphany its very hard to ge luck crystal affixnon it

RNG is just trolling you with crystal luck on Epiphany. Hopefully the examples above showed you how you can get crystal block on gears except amulet.

Yea spent alot to get luck on epiphany