Blood Magic + Equality

for anyone who likes the idea of using these together, don’t. they don’t work together at all.

Test Results: blank items & pet were used. level 100 Staff with +25% Item Quality. random OH item (Orb in this random case). Chest, Head, Ring, & Neck items are level 1 so there are no Talents messing things up. no Skill Points, and Power/Health/Mana are all at 5. all Natures are Greed or Luck.

later in testing, I put 10 Skill Points into both Strength & Intelligence. Blood Magic & Equality (1) were also used in testing.

Equality: with Health & Mana 5/5, their values are Equal, and the Min/Max values of Power went up (Min 6486 Max 10.8 to Min 6972 Max 11.6), as did the DMG of the Default Spell, compared to blank items without Equality on it. raising Mana to 6 caused the Min/Max of Power to go down (Min 6960 Max 11.6), same with the DMG of Default Spell. raising Mana to 103 lowered Min/Max even more (Min 6622 Max 11.0), same with Default. raising Health instead of Mana gives the same results. the conclusion is that the bigger the difference between Health & Mana (as a percentage %), the less damage you can get from using Equality.

on the Stat Page > Defense, you can see the HP & MP Regen. when I put 10 points into Strength & Intelligence, HP & MP Regen are 250/250. with Equality (1) they are 268.8/268.8. with Mana 6, 268.3/268.3. with Mana 103, 255.2/255.2. as with DMG, the bigger the difference between Health & Mana, the less benefit you get from using Equality.

Blood Magic: I still have 10 Strength & Intelligence. my Health is 28.7k & Mana is 0. HP Regen is 500 & MP Regen is 0. Min/Max is 6486/10.8.

Equality & Blood Magic: Blood Magic cancels out any benefits from Equality. HP 100 & MP 0 is 0% HP/MP Equality, so this is why they don’t work together. all values were the same with both of them as it was with Blood Magic without Equality. Regen should be HP/MP Regen 537.6/0, but is only 500/0.

if Equality worked on the difference of HP & MP while a player is in Campaign or the Arena, that would be very bad!!! the way it is now, it is possible to have Equality (5) to give you a +37.5% to DMG & All Regen continuously. if it was the other way, casting spells and getting injured all the time would ALWAYS give you lower than +37.5% DMG & Regen.

oops, forgot to take off Normal (Yellow) +12.5% Arcane ED used in another test I did after I did this one, so DMG values will be a little different than what I originally had, if anyone does the same testing.

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So I can happily loose bloodmagic. Interesting.

well, depends on the build. are you thinking of PVP?

I use the combination on all my PvP builds along with permafrost and harmony. I never run out of magic and my hp regen goes mental

A example would be fire chemistry. Every fire requires 3 things. A combustional ,oxygen and a source of heat. Remove anyone of these three and you have no fire. Studying the effects of two would prove useless. Chucking a match on a pile of newspapers will only cause a fire if you consider the third variable ( Oxygen supply ).

try switching Blood Magic to Equivalence. Equivalence works great with Equality and Harmony. plus it has DMG Reduction.

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So studying the effects of two variables alone (eg bloodmagic and equality) doesn’t take into consideration any other variables that may have a synergistic effect.

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I have an undeveloped equivalence item somewhere :sunglasses:

yes, well, that is why Masochism sucks as a Set, but if you pair it with Blood Magic or Defiant, or even better, both, it shines like the Sun. there are other combinations I want to try, but I am still improving my Farm Build to farm faster to do more combo’s more often. and I am still working on Ascending my 2 other Classes so I can work on Build Combo’s that are more Class specific.

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Every crap set has its purpose. We just have not worked it out

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haha, like Adventure Set. I know it is good in a Momentum Farm Build, but even when I was a Noob, I didn’t like the fact that when there is no Gold on the ground, I slow down and get weaker. well, I didn’t have a fast kill build, so that is why I don’t like Adventure.

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I remember saying to @Curezspiked that the 7DS set looked crap… He challenged me to play with it. So I did. And I’m glad I did. It was a learning experience.

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haha, if Gold stayed on the ground longer. could you imagine the looks on the Dev’s faces for a request like that???!!! just to make Adventure more viable!!! lol.

Hi!!! Golem and dickwad!!! how are you? i’m sad for now because when i opened my account it was banned? my pet was reported!!! but i already email the dev… hoping to review my account and back me in legit league…

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hope you get a good review @D_MESSIAH & welcome back.

I just threw 4k Crystals into a new Farm Build and I am ready to throw another 5k Crystals into a better version of the one I have. after I made it, I started thinking of all the things I have read in the Forum that would make my Build even better.

:scream_cat: x 100!!! I need certain combo’s of Loot Legend affixes that don’t exist, and it is driving me crazy trying to find the next best solution. :sob:

@D_MESSIAH sorry to hear about your ban. I’ve been levelling up eternal pets in gameplay, buying lots of eternal items while wearing chrystaline set.Lots of surprises when you look at your gear in the arena toon. I’m sure someone will question my items though legit. I get tired of seeing eternal divination reported. Any epic affix on an eternal item can be chrystalline if you convert enough dust with the right perks etc. If you buff eternal pets up enough they can get an extra 50% bonus. So 4 skullshield for example would eventually become 6 in arena view.

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And if you max all your farming gear and play with a level 99 character then you will drop perfect eternal items once in a while. I’ve dropped a couple of amazing pets and a lot of regular players have noted. But when you keep killing enslavers and watch them improve then you see how awesome they can become. Sometimes an unused pet has been suggested as good. But most comments go with the more obvious for a PvP. My fave though is my eternal tink because it’s useful for PvP or pvm

now you know there are only 20 Affixes that are Crystal Affixes, so just because an Eternal Item has an Epic Affix doesn’t mean that it is also an Affix that can be a Crystal Affix. smug :nerd_face:

just spent a lot of time looking for a post with the list, but kept finding and losing posts that are from the wiki. now I am a sad :nerd_face:.

Of course. For example you cannot have 10 to a skill or talent become chrystalline.

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