Bloodmagic + Masochism?

Anyone try this? This with Defiant could be good?

I’ve heard of this idea but I’ve never actually seen it in action. It could definitely do some good .

Lots of DMG.

Although you need to have atleast 1 +500 MP on hit to avoid HP cost.

I mean +HP on hit

Yes it would be almost everything with masochism is good :smile:


Just made a cap real quick to test with my current xp/gold farm build (almost done last Ascension :smile:)

Works ok in this setup. Lots of room for improvement. If any of you pros have any suggestions, I’m open to them!

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nice build . can i see the talent ? and dps ? thanks

talents are viewable in the same place on armour you would normally find what skills a weapon has :smile:

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i need to copy this set , right away ,

As far as dps, I don’t think the values inside DQ are completely accurate. But here they are for Ricochet - at ~100% health: 4.60M; at ~50% health: 5.05M; at HOLY CRAP IM GOING TO DIE: ~5.5M.

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Also, not quite a build yet. Pretty much just crafted a Masochism cap and stuck it in place of my Adventurer cap. Have yet to try to actually build around this set. Still have to do my post acsension(s) farming build :wink:

When blood magic is present all +mp converts to + hp In the new patch.

This is what I’m thinking so far with building around this synergy. Hoping I can make it a build for faming floors 400-600 on M3.


  • Masochism
  • Defiant
  • Faun’s Gift
  • Crystalline
  • Eternalized
  • Nadroji
  • Satyr’s Spirit or Momentum(on pet)

Crystal affixes

  • 225% Luck
  • 225% GF
  • 225% Critical Damage
  • 45% Critical Chance
  • 45% Attack Speed
  • Not sure what do use for last crystal affix.

As for legend/epic affixes, I’m not sure yet as I’m not a calculator or a computer, so I currently don’t know what the actual best affixes for killing/not dying are.

If you happen to be a calculator or computer, I would love some help/input on this build. :smile:

Oh and use this with Sadism set for minions if you’re a fan of them? Sadism is like Fury Mythic but for HP and for minions.

Holy wow. Bloodmagic will deal crazy damage! Return of bloodmagic builds. How did I not notice that!

If you have 99% Missing HP.

200%*99%= 198% increased damage. Even at 90% HP missing, that’s still 180% increased damage.

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Wow your rich lol wish i had nadroji

Thought about Sadism just so I could call it “The S&M build” :wink:. Running it on a rogue so no cool minions running around though.

ok. Still I’d love to see the S&M build lol :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smirk: .

Any ideas on what should take that last crystal spot? I’m torn between HP on hit and Weaken. Or if I should do Dodge or Block for living.