[BUILD] Dieter - Avatar's Patrol

My second Build!
This one is for rogue! As I’m used to play Wizard (with Staff - Comets) I like to play Rogues with Spellsword, which is the same gameplay :smile:

The problem is that Rogues don’t have enough resistances compared to the 2 others classes (+ no mana shield and not as tanky as Warrior) and I wouldn’t play a TwisterBuild once more, so I went for a “mirrorimage” build, which is so fun!

As explained in the build, Rogues don’t have “huge numbers”, you won’t see any hit at 10m or more, so it’s based on repetitive and quicks attacks.
Also, the bolts used here are interesting because they can seek, locate and exterminate the ennemies.
MirrorImage Proc is just awesome, I had to waste a lot of slots to have a viable % of chance to proc avatars, but that’s worth it.
This build is as Powerfull as it’s defensive. At Floor200 EP8 I was dying a lot, actually 1 shot even by normal monsters, but now I tank a lot, and deal a lot of dmg. That’s amazing to play and kinda overpowered =)


NB : Don’t hesitate to share your thought and advices on my build :smile:

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Do you think it’s possible to fit Blood Magic in there at all?

Im a BLOOD MAGIC User so that i can hit really hard … so it is good for me to use btw CENTRA is using vial on dungeons as i saw on youtube he even an spellsword user … kinda XDD ROGUE … THANKS FOR THE BUILD DIETTER XD … ima find this items btw why did you recommend that pet ?? it only change items in a bad stats :frowning:

Thanks for your feedbacks!
Indeed BloodMagic is interesting since it adds power, but there is something I don’t like in BloodMagic : It’s lowering your HP each hits

The problem with that build is that i’m firing 5 bolts per autoattk, so I guess it’ll be kinda dangerous on this build, but I’ll try to replace pathfinder by this one (can’t add a set affix on the weapon, because I need absolutly any of these affixes)

About the “vial” I rather use “mirror” because when I use the special I’m summoning 4 avatars at once, which is interesting, especially with +50% CDR and “illusion” which is increasing the duration of Avatars, and “trickter” which is adding an avatar when using special (can go to 12 Avatar at the same time… without the procs!)

Have to make some test! also… I was thinking about makking “stealth proc” (+30%) somewhere, which could be very interesting

PS : About the pet, I’m using the only one pet with “trickster” (explained above) ! I don’t care about his “hoard” effect, but I could take any other legend pets and put trickster on gears instead =)

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I guess with a Dodge build + Vial for Blood Magic, Trickster could be moved to have a Fairy with any of the other abilities to compensate for HP loss? Fun stuff, guess we’ll know better when the patch comes out.

Which floor can I farm the flintlock, mirror, leather, cap, ring and the amulet? I tried floor 1 to 5 but it seems its not the right floor :frowning:

You can’t find any item on any floor, I don’t remember the exact value but this is something like :

  • weapons : floor 1-10
  • chest : floor 10-20 etc

The best is to farm your items past floor 20 to get every types of stuff
And ofc farm floor 200 to get lvl 90-100 items :wink:

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Mr. Diieter, did you use the perfect re-rolling in those items? I’m a little bit of confuse how to do that (enchant / disenchant thing) i’ve read about the guides

Yep, I rolled every affixes to the max, these pictures are the screenshots of my items :smile:
For that I used many crystals!
#4 : diamond : reroll all affixes
#1 : calcite : change element
#7 : sapphire : change affix
#8 : fluorite : reroll single affix
#9 : emerald : increase quality of item (to get better rolls!)
#10 : peridot : increase lvl of item
#11 : beryl : change talent of an item
#13 : topaze : add epic affix
#16 : zircon : add socket on an item
#18 : ruby : add legend affix
#19 : amethyst : add set affix
#20 : obsidian : add crystal affix

That’s roughly what I used to roll my items :smile:

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Thanks a lot Mr. Diieter!
Last question. Even if I dont have any crystals can I make a 6epic affixes and max affixes, using the perfect re-rolling procedure?

[quote=“Ecanhoj”]Thanks a lot Mr. Diieter!
Last question. Even if I dont have any crystals can I make a 6epic affixes and max affixes, using the perfect re-rolling procedure?[/quote]

You have to use crystals to edit your items now, the enchant system that you have in 1.5 is gonna disappear! And the page “enchant” will be deleted :smile:

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Question Diieter, do you not like crushing blow?

Interesting question, It depends … I would never get 60% CB (max) because it would mean that 1/2 hits would take 25% HP of the ennemy
The problem is if CB is proc’ing each time (60% is a lot), so it would do something like that :

1st hit : -25%
2nd hit : -25% of the remaining HP
etc etc

So you can’t kill ennemies fast because your “damage” are replaced by “-25% of HP” whatever the Health they have, see what I mean?

Also, if i’m hitting at 200M with a hit, and if the ennemy does have like 100k HP, wouldn’t it be better to hit at 200M than taking 25% HP from him?

CB is good when u’re against monsters with HUGE HP and when your attack isn’t that high, which is not my case tbh, so on my endgame builds it would be a waste, but it’s very efficient on early/midgame :smile:

An alternative would be : Put 60% CB on your hired character, so he’s in charge to crushing blowing your ennemy while you’re hitting him with real damage as main character :bulb:

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Hmm. Good point. I’m currently in the midgame. I have a map for ep 7 level 330, but I keep dying at that floor. Trying to get gems so that I can upgrade the legends I have, but it’s going a bit slow. Gems are very very hard to come by.

Crystal affixes are the most wanted, you can still find legend items with a crystal affiix (“deviants items”), or just get them through your crystal and fusions :smiley:

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Im on the same situation xD but at floor 415 haha cant survive enough now… need to rework my build x.x

Do you guys always hire helper and where did you put your points? All power?

I do but that’s because I’m looting a lot of items and it’s a pain to empty my bag often, so my hired character loot items too
I’m not hiring him for his dmg tho

Points depend of builds, for my wizard i’m at 299 mana, for my warrior 299 HP and for my Rogue 299 power (because we get extra stats by putting points into these)

At what floor do you start getting higher level mythstones and crystals?

Try to run at least floor 101 for possible max cs/ms. :smile:

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