Challenging Content, what should be next?

Challenging Content, what should be next?

  • More Floors! Floors 201-??? with new challenging mechanics as you progress higher.
  • Maps. Items you pick up that take you to a random dungeon with challenging content.
  • New Challenges to complete for stats.
  • New Modes, endless waves or endless dungeon.
  • Shrines that can spawn randomly in dungeons that spawn special Bosses.
  • Something not listed here!

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We have a couple ideas floating around on what should be added next as far as Challenging Content goes, but we’re interested in hearing everyone’s opinion on it as well. So please vote and comment on what you’d like to see next!

You can vote twice so feel free to pick your top two.

For me, i cant wait to upload my Char in the Clouds to play on other Devices.
It feels good to know that my Char would be safe if my One X+ dies :laughing:

I still hope (some Day…) that muliplay comes to DQ.
Trade&Raid with my Friends would be awesome!!

that is the reason why I have “not on the list” voted for.
Otherwise, I would be for point 2 and 4
I think it would also be nice if the cards were a little detail.
In DQ is so much potential!

We totally hear you on the multiplayer end of things. It is a HUGE task for our team to undertake but we are not ignoring it! We hope by adding new, more challenging content we can engage players while we work on even more exciting systems and updates for DQ.

Thank you for taking the time to post, and thank you for your support!

  • Complete new graphics for the Floors, more variety!
  • More different Enemys.

New types of enemies, this is a must, as well as items and new worlds (something different than poison/desert/ice/fire). Also the possibility to craft (special) items or brew potions, for example special potions. And maybe a special vendor that may appear randomly, who may sell rare items. Enhanced Graphics would be also nice. :smile:
Last but not least, a new class.

Keep it up guys, you are awesome! :smile:

Awesome list of ideas :smiley:

We hope to get a few new things in soon, the character class is still on the way but it does take us more time to produce that type of update. I like the new worlds idea as well. I think we may be able to do something like that using Steiger’s “magical or challenge map” idea.

Yup, that sounds awesome. :smile:


Put something more than barrels and chests. Creates, statues, doors, candlestick. And make it interactive.

Some exaples:
-Explosive barrels, that hurt everything around.
-Breakable chests and creates.
-Freezable and meltable statues.
-Candlesticks and torches, that you can fire on or off (with freeze weapon).
-Doors, that you can open or destroy.

Such objects add to a game reality. Everyone loves such details.

If you want more ideas for this msg me.

And about challenging content: traps.

Great ideas Wave_up :smile:

We do have at least one new object coming, shrines, which will have quite a few functions. There’s some plans to add more detail to the environment as well, and the more interact-able stuff the better right?

Thanks everyone so far for the feedback!

More floors would be nice and more legend items please

This is probably the right place to ask this, since it is more challenging content. I have a warrior and I am trying to be defensive, not sure what that really entails, but I often get one-shotted by monsters at lvl5 past floor 120 (the ones with extra damage), and I almost always get one shotted by the orange monster at the end of level 110+ even on lvl1 mobs. I have no idea what to do about it, the game is easy otherwise, everything dies fast even on lvl5 with tons of hp, what are your armor strategies?

I’m in the process right now of looking at and adjusting defensive values. Looking like resists will get some love, and armor numbers will go down, but will become more effective. A few defensive talents will be updated and improved as well, so hopefully in a bit, will make a post of the proposed changes going forward so you can plan out your gear better. :smile:

Will give a hint before it changes/is fixed… you can get close to 100% block through some talents and items at the moment… that should help :wink:

Well, thats good to know, but I am wondering how do people do it now? I mean, I can get through the levels easily unless at the end of the level there is a extra dmg mob, but those who finish level 200 must have more defence?

Likely with capped block, high dodge, and freeze effects. With those stats, the chances that you get hit are close to none. That paired with weapons that have a bit of range, like Axe and Hammer ( ice based to take advantage of freezing effects ), and you can kite and chip away at enemies pretty easily.

Not exactly challenge, but more of a flavor thing.
-Have each act have unique map layouts instead just applying different skins. Same goes for enemies, each act’s bestiaries should consist majorly of enemies which are unique to it. Not just the same enemy types skinned and have the exact same attack except sporting a different element.

Actual challenge suggestion
-“Puzzle” bosses, stuff like the boss is invulnerable unless you hit the right switches, shoot its projectiles directly back at it, etc.

Dragons… lol

Right!! I want a dragon pet something fierce! spoiler alert?!? :smiling_imp:

Lookin forward to new class and pets personally and id like to see more
monster types

Whooops! I didn’t see that coming! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to see more set items that give cosmetic changes like the ones that you have to pay for it would make for more enjoyment in trying to find things