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@dickwad I have thought of doing that, but just doing it for my own notes for when I am crafting. I have been wondering what happens to Cerebral Vortex items that have +10 Torrent on them when they get Jaspered to another class and then Jaspered back to Wizard, since Torrent is a Warrior Skill. when I was crafting Wizard weapons and changed the Special, Jaspered it to Warrior for a Set, Jaspered it back, and the Special was changed to what it would normally be for the Wizard weapon. thinking about it, I think I had an Orb, went to Warrior for Momentum, and switched it back. I had changed the special to Scalp, I think, or Taunt, before I changed it to Warrior, but when I Jaspered it back to Orb, the Skill changed to a Wizard Skill, so spent a bunch more Crystals to get it back to what I wanted.

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Cheaper to jasper legend items and take notes of what may make nice eternal items @Golem

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:rofl: I was using a Legend something while Ascending. I wasn’t happy having to use more Crystals to get my Special OH Skill back from losing it from Jaspering it to get Momentum, but it stuck in my head.

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How riveting! It’s somewhat a relief that …nothing… Has changed.

It’s fun making hackers lose, without the constant whining to support. Wanna make a hacker feel truly imsignifcant and helpless in the world of gaming - mobile or not ? Just ignore it and figure out a way to trump them. Simple mathatical formulas! Unless it’s a Goku with Godlike abilities… Well, then you’re screwed and all the whining in the world, cyber or not, won’t change what happened. In the end these hackers are halfbaked beans as an example of what it means to hack. They’re just kids tired of being bullied on and off virtual platforms. Give them a break, these desperate measures for an insignificant sense of achievement are all these loserfaces have to cling onto.

For shame. For shame I tell you!

As for this immortal turdbuger dacussion that just won’t seem to die…

If you can’t.beat 'em then get back to a drawing board instead of expecting to be spoonfed the specifics for what you consider a fair trial.

If one was capable of crafting an “immortal” all it takes is one with a noteworthy brain to calculate a counter. Provided it suffices against builds that aren’t “immortals” squishy squishy gets squashed. Bruisers poke and sustain with ideal CC - they don’t break… They simply



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I still haven’t looked at other players items in the Arena for the purpose of seeing if they cheated or not. the few times I look is to get ideas or see what they did to do so good in our fight, no matter who won. I just got my PVP Wizard with all Epic Affixes back into Eternal League last week. it was a lot of work, and I am sure I beat up a lot of legit and cheater players to do it. With All Epic Affixes!!! :laughing: :thinking: since my mind still likes to do crafting based on the Campaign part of DQ, it makes it kind of hard to change my thinking to craft for PVP, since the builds for both are so different. I kind of like the idea of using Epic Affixes to see how far I can go in Eternal League, because it helps me see how useful the useless affixes are, and how useless the useful affixes are.

there is a saying that goes: if you can’t beat them (hackers), join them (hackers). but for DQ I think it should be: if you don’t want to join them (hackers), beat them (hackers).

there are a lot of posts that can help a player get up into Eternal League with Legit Builds, and @Mr_Scooty gave us a look at how to make the foundation of powerful PVP Builds with Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal. with posts like this, there is no reason to cheat anymore unless a player is incredibly lazy or want a Dev to send them to the Cheaters Battle Arena so they can compete against other cheaters and have the Eternal League Division One First Place Modified Gears. I know this might sound kind of bad, but how about Cheaters who get first place in Cheater league get a Green Gear :gear: with a Purple M in the center of the Gear, or a big Green M with crossed Screw Driver and Wrench, for their back, instead of the Eternal Back Legit Players get in the Battle Arena. I know it sounds like rewarding them, but if they wear it in the Legit Arena by somehow getting back in, it would give Legit Players a big clue as to whether you want to fight with them or not.

here is a look at Mr. Scooty’s Gift:

wow, just found this:


Lmao. Calcite pet best meme. :wink: .


@Golem is right some chrystall affixes are not really that good. Some are ace. Check the epic against the crystalline

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@dickwad I switched Threads since this is the discussion side of hackers & cheaters.

doesn’t Merlin Pet Imp have a few Legend affixes? ok, just found a post with picture of what affixes it has.

no other Pets have Legend affixes on them. only Normal or Epic. Legend and Eternal Pets may also have a Set affix. :smile: :wink:

@WellPlay that Eternal Divination is Legit, Eternal Items have a chance for their Epic Affixes to be Crystal Affixes, if the Affix is on the Crystal Affix List.

@MATANDA the first and third Eternal Divination are Legit, Eternal items can have Crystal affixes if the Epic affix is on the Crystal affix list.

the second Eternal Divination you posted, the one with Skulldraga on it, I just tested it, and if you take an Eternal Divination and use Jasper on it to change it to Warrior and then back to Wizard, the Torrent will change to Skulldraga. Wizard to Rogue to Wizard it stays Torrent, but when I went Wizard to Rogue to Warrior to Wizard it goes Torrent > Sentry > Torrent > Skulldraga. so that is also Legit.

here is a post that lists the possible Crystal Affixes:

also, when using Jasper Crystal to change an Item from one Class to another, both Talents and Skills will change. Items like Divination (Wizard item with Warrior Skill), when I switched it to Rogue, it kept the Torrent Skill, and because Torrent is Warrior Skill, when I switched it directly back to Wizard, it stayed Torrent. so there are special situations for some items.

I haven’t seen a list of conversions of Talents and Skills from one Class to another, but I believe the conversion isn’t random, so with some testing you can find out which conversions are beneficial to your builds. there is a Warrior item that has a Skill that when I use Jasper, I got Mana Shield on my Wizards Bracer, even though I did it for the Crystal Block!

here is a post of which Crystals can & can’t be used on Eternal items.

here is another post that shows affixes that can only be found on items and can’t be rolled with Crystals.

also, I think Extra Attack Chance can also be found on the Living Force Ring & Necklace items of all Classes, even though it is usually only found or rolled onto Weapons.

Block can be rolled on OH items only of any Class, but can be found on a few other Warrior items except for the Neck item. you can try looking for posts of which items have Block or just look in the Codex > LegendEx > Warrior.


@Golem so it’s mean thier legit!

yes, the Eternal Divination shown by the two of you are all Legit. as you can see in the post I shared, All Resist is on the Crystal Affix List. Legend and Eternal Items both have a chance for their Affixes to be Crystal if the affix is on the Crystal Affix List.

after I read your post, I actually used Dust to get 2 Eternal Divinations, because I didn’t think of Jaspering it to Rogue until I had tested the first one. I knew that using Jasper changes Talents and Skills of one Class to another when used, so I was testing to see if this is what happened.

I have said this in a few other posts, but the best way to learn what is Legit or not is to check a players Equipment against what is in the Codex > LegendEx. if an Equipped Eternal Item has different affixes than what is shown in the LegendEx, or Legend items have Legend Affixes that can’t be rolled with Crystals, report them. and along the way, you learn about cool items.

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The hidden game is converting one class item to another using jasper. You get surprised. All legit.

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But why banned my MATANDA. So you mean their divination are legit!

I’ got 1 pic with this can you see her my divination was changed! But stuck long-long time ago! @Golem @dickwad



for being Banned, you would have to ask a Dev. you should PM them if you still need to know. it is possible someone thought you cheated on your item, but didn’t check the Codex to see if you really cheated or not, and reported you anyways. I don’t have all of the items memorized, so I have to check the Codex to see if someone is cheating or not. and in the case of Torrent being changed to Skulldraga, I did some testing with Jasper to see if it is possible for that to happen.

on the Eternal Divination, All Resist is on the Crystal Affix List. so even though you can’t make it a Crystal Affix, when you find it as loot, or use Dust to buy it from the LegendEx, there is a chance for it to be Crystal All Resist. Max Luck and Crystaline Set can improve your chances for getting items with Crystal Affixes.

new players don’t know about Jasper, so they might not think about an item being changed from one class to another. Eternal Divination on a Rogue??!! CHEAT!!! but all it is was someone using Jasper to change the class from Wizard to Rogue. and if a Rogue or Wizard wants +60% Block on their Build, they have to use jasper to switch a Warrior item to their class!!.

Ur divination not changed :slight_smile:


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@Vhinz009 & @kiane_zaine concerning the Eternal Aether Spark Lance being discussed.

Jasper can be used to change an Eternal Wand to an Eternal Lance. :white_check_mark:
Myth Stone can be placed on an Eternal Item if it has an empty Socket. :white_check_mark:
Aethereal Drain Set taken off and replaced with Momentum Set. :x:
Legend Multi Attack taken off and replaced with Crystal Gold Find. :x:
Legend Glasscannon taken off and replaced with Epic WD%. :x:
Epic ED+ taken off and replaced with Epic WD+. :x:
Legend Push the Limit not changed. :white_check_mark:

if this was found after defeating a high level mob, then this would be a Bug and needs to be reported in the Bug Report Thread.

the only other option is that a Cheat or Hack was used to modify this item. all anyone has to do is to compare an Eternal item in the Codex to the list of Crystals I posted, to see if the Eternal Item has been legitimately Crafted or not.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

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