[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers

I wondering too, how you get the top1,with your rouge build, or maybe yor using a cheat also,im just thinking,cuz i in counter your AI,so soft and low hp,and dont have much damage to kill fast…

GOB everywhere. Same build. Same face. Hahaha

Ikr. Made a toon called jokes on you GOB.

AS, GOBS, or what ever you are!!! You all are competitive individuals and AI’s are such no match if you smart enough to kill them like mobs hachichichichichi!!!:smile_cat:

Hail Eater sama!

Can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they banned or their builds suck the next patch. All of them use that same old boring eternal Terrashaper . GOB finally given up.


GOB: im sorry i forgot the gold find afix :cold_sweat:

:joy: :joy:

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In Mythic league also. So many cheater. I’m starting to get mad in climbing eternal league.

BTW Thanks for your reactor build i can easily defeat Gob in mythic league and now im on the eternal league and i saw you idol. :slight_smile:

Codename on DQ: TechnoMax


Edited eternal and sets on pets



lazy player -_- all they can do is cheat. :confused:

The feels man. That’s definitely the reason why I also got tired of doing matches in Arena.


Cheater,but noob build lol

well if the devs wont do anything about this. then goodbye DQ. i’m gonna upload/delete my save. or i could give my save to someone

Nope. Impossible to get elemental crit on pet.


Elemental crit can absolutely be gotten on a pet

Ok then. It’s probably very rare though as I’ve never seen one ever until just now, at least on legend pets. It’s strange how I never seen ecrit on pets until just now.