[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers

dont worry about them too much cuzeg. Didnt you realize all of gob members with perfect affixes on their eternal pets are still there. like 5-6 of them. All marked as reported and reviewed but still in the arena. you have to accept the fact that we will have to play against these chaters. I dont feel bad cozci can beat all any of them anyway lol

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Oh ok. Thanks. :slight_smile: . I do accept that I may face cheaters sometimes but it’s just I was getting frustrated. Now I feel less frustrated :smile: . I’m feeling more confident than ever now.

I have lots of pet bru

Okidoki :innocent:

lucky player to loot many useful eternal pet. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


many pets with almost the same affixes bruh :smile:


Your so desperate cuzeg ??

stop complaining about pets. I farm pets at floor 2 to kill enslavers as fast as I can to complete the quest :expressionless:

stop using that as an excuse. everybody does that, fast farm and rush map at low floors to kill enslaver. The chance of having enslaver is very high AND obviously the chance of completing the feat and getting a LEGEND pet is not even difficult. The reason why you’re not fooling anyone and you’ll never earn the respect of the players here and you will be forever labeled as cheaters is this:

1: the chance of getting eternal pet is low BUT you already have 6 in just 17 times of completing the feat.
and im anticipating you’ll say you sold it, you have it in your other bags but meh.

2 the chance of getting an eternal pet with epic affixes all perfect match for a pvp build is very very low BUT YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE IN JUST COMPLETING THE FEAT 17 TIMES???

So you’re telling us you have 35% chance to get eternal pet every time you complete te feat and you have 36% chance to get a PERFECT ETERNAL PET every time you get an eternal pet from the feat. WOW!!!

and I wouldnt be surprised that those other 6 eternal pets have perfect epic affixes too to suit your other pvp builds

So, yeah you guys can use those pets all you want and probably the devs was sold to your pitch that’s why you’re still in the arena. But we all know that you guys are either notoriously exploiting the enslaver feat and/or creating the pet from a modded apk and using smash (third party app) and transfer one account to another.

Happy gaming!!!


come on fookee you played a lot, it’s impossible for you to not get atleast a perfect pet for pvp even check my other pvp heroes i got legend pets i didnt complete it for just 17 times just so you know. I respect you a lot dylanironman and I dont even kno that modded apk you saying and “smash” app how did you know of those?


You are more likely to die of old age hundreds of times over before finding a perfect affixed eternal pet so someone may find one legitimately but they will always be reported and checked as they should be :slight_smile:


Just enjoy cyn. Dont mind that guy

I dont care to their pet even its strong to mine coz i did always kill them easily in just 8secs or less .maybe they cant get into div1 without .i will always report those suspicious player for the sake of my loving game and to be fair to everyone mostly newbie thankyou.:blush:

yeah same thing, can kill any of them. Let’s just keep reporting to expose them. They can stay playing in arena. For the players to know that they are cheaters and will never be talked about as strong players is good enough for me


There’s the answer you have it boys “we can kill them” so what’s the logical idea behind this? None coz you can all kill it same as to us. Cheers happy gaming! :blush:

Bro hide your gold :joy:


So ****ing hard to kill these Gob and ass :sob:

good calculating but its easy to break your math thing and about the Lilith pet “Eternal” I only need 100-300 chance to do it and for the perfect affix it will took some 300-500 try to get it and for calculation it will only took 5-7 hours depend on player how to manage it so it the qudrillion chance, an also addition to it use eternalizer (8) to lower the chance you needed to get an eternal pet