[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers



ur in banned leagued brother


New player with demonic aura


How ??? I’m not a cheater :sob::sob::sob: review my account now pls .



all reviewed/removed


well, your method is now popular :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


thanks to you I dont even know what kind of method is that and where did it came from


Maybe he is methodist :smile::joy:


Please review. Perfect pet.

Modified pet


QUESTION: This post where you complain about cheaters right? Im so noob in forum…


Yes, this is where/how players communicate with the developer to review IGNs.


Salamat Mr_ Scooty, Salamat is Thanks in English


Walang anuman @Erase




I just found someone in the eternal leagues that hes item is eternal and have mythical skill i thougt you cant put any crystal on an eternal items?


Welcome back @Erase


Thanks @Mr_Scooty


Uhm Mr_Scooty whats your item build your dq heroes are so very OP and your top 1 in then eternal leagues too.


Meanwhile I defeat Mr Scooty with relative ease even though he is pretty difficult. He is an awesome opponent to face because he’s legit and that difficulty that I like.