[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers


My gears.


Hahahaha your hero is like that guy with the gatling gun so Over Powered


I am mediocre compared to Griffin or Clogon. I will not pat myself on the back, so don’t take my gif too seriously. I still have much to go in order to have a decent warrior.


A demigod comparing themselves to gods is still a demigod and lately the gods have gotten kinda arena lazy so you’re doing a lot better then them right now keep it up man :smile::+1:


^^^ the real god @Skaul


Oh God I’m such a noob :disappointed_relieved:



I have much to learn.


U have so much to learn? How much more when u compared to me? Hahahah id be like a mouse surrounded by gods hahahah


Lol. Power of Brain


Yeah ur the best cuzeg bcause of ur build i realized that hp and power doesnt really matter i can kill anyone without using my main hero .


I guess im not the only one noob in DQ.


Welcome back @Mandelbrot


One-shoot build should get a decent nerf in the next path :sleepy:





@tdaniel he/she is a cheater. modified pet. with legend affix.


rookie_mvp is not a cheater, you can gain the demonic aura at the start of the game beacause the only reset is the arena ranking, not the achieved gift. please review it again.





Sorry bruh, I think you should see the codex first,…
Eternal with obsidian crystal named rare eternal…