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cheat???i think you dont know how to buy using dust,

1st of all i dont have any youtube account,
2nd its not me, all games I play i used my name defender, i like the name of defender, if you know the game RF ONLINE, im the acretia defender of that, one of the arcon, pure shielder, my name defender comes from that,

be fair to us, reviewed my account and check if that item is edit,

wahahaha i feel you bro​:joy: they always report nonsense​:joy::joy: just because they cant get that or they cant believe its possible theyll report you​:sob: accept the fact that they love to report players even if they are 100 legit, awesome things comes from hardwork i hope they know that​:smile:

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my ign is defender04 not defender199,

check out the video you post,

check my wings compare with that only ascendant wings i have, i dont have angelic wings like the player on the video,

reviewed my account again, dont based on cuzeg report , nonsense report​:expressionless::expressionless: or i guest he is the one who created that video, there is a chance that he is that, they have a youtube account that can post anything like that ,

reviewed my account and also cuzeg account

your account was not flagged for any of those issues. I just sent ya an email from my end. It should all be resolved now.


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Just to make sure… is that possible ?
One chara only, did not ascension yet still on 36lv, but already has eternal legend gear


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I’m in banned league. I’ve already mailed support, they told me they moved me back to normal league. But I’m still in banned league rignt now.


Crafted Eternals in the Arena.
you can change an Eternals Element. example: change Fire to Arcane. (Crystal Calcite)
you can change an Eternals Class. example: change Warrior to Rogue. (Crystal Jasper)
you can add a Myth Stone if the Eternal has an empty Socket. example: socket + (MS) Protest = +250 All resist.
you can change the Nature. example: change Greed to Death. (Crystal Beryl)
you can change the Talent. example: change Prismatic to Fester. (Crystal Citrine)
you can recover a Myth Stone. example: if you place (MS) Boon on your Eternal, and want to put (MS) Protest instead. (Crystal Garnet)
Note: if you used the Myth Stones to make a Mythic Affix, the Myth Stones are gone and cannot be recovered by using (CS) Garnet.

Unreal Hood & Fabled Staff/Blade: there is 1 Hood and Weapon for each class. they have 4 Sockets each. you could put 1 Myth Stone in each Socket for a total of 4 Myth Stones.
you can add a Mythic Affix on these 2 Eternals if you know the recipe. when the Mythic Affix is created…
you can add any combination of 3 Normal and/or Epic Affixes.
example: on an Unreal Hood I make the Harmony Mythic Affix. the 4 sockets are used up to make the Mythic, and leave 3 empty spaces. I can now place a random Normal/Epic affix in each space using (Crystal Angelite) or place an Epic affix using (Crystal Topaz). Angelite is a bad choice, because, unless you are very lucky, it might take forever to get the affix you want. Topaz gives 6 choices when used, so you have a better chance to get the affixes you want. either way, what ever you pick is permanent. so if you don’t like the choices, you need to get a new item and start over.

Edit: I tested all of the Crystals, and these are the ones that can be used on Eternal Items. I did not test them on Eternal Pets, Trinkets, or Maps.

there is a list of Eternal Items in the Codex. if you see a modification that isn’t from one of these examples, or are unsure, that is when you send a post to [Reports Only] Report Cheaters & Hackers, and a Dev will check it out. if you can, check against the Codex first, and if you are still unsure, then report it.

for those who don’t know, if you use a cheat or hack to modify your Eternal Item, and a Dev becomes aware of it, you get sent to the Banned League. it is just like the Arena, except all the players are also using cheats or hacks, or are waiting for the Dev’s to determine that they did/didn’t use cheats or hacks, and if not guilty, get to go back to the Original League.


I would like to know what the f*ck is this. I’m explaining to the devs why I have lots of crystals. They haven’t replied to me and next thing, this happens to my account.

Maybe?? Result of spamming upload and download . try to contact support man.

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flaggg ??

Not spamming download. It happen after i email support regarding my account being sent to banned league. I’ve explained to them that I’m not a cheater.

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pm @tdaniel

Yes contact support man . . and i found you in legends found +1 respect