[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers

saintwave is a cheater too!! cmon guys look at her account, full slot with such a eternal pets and trophy

Really? You know, that you can farm them? As long as he doesn’t modify any eternal items everything is fine :slight_smile:

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but it’s unfair to those who farm, they might use some game modifiers to get those eternal items

Thanks for making your first two posts about me, appreciate it bro. :smile:
Let me help you out with the facts, I’ve played for around 4-ish months, and quite active at that, I barely even leave the forums, you can only imagine how much farming I’ve done. I play for around 4-8 hours a day, depending on how busy I am, I’ve only recently stopped farming because I still couldn’t find a Legend Vaccus and Insolence, and it frustrates me. The game has given me an Eternal Vaccus once tho, RNG kinda likes to troll me. If I could just cheat items, I should’ve gotten a Vaccus and Insolence by now shouldn’t I?

Look, I understand how you feel, but I share that feeling, I also see some very lucky people with a lot of the things that I don’t have and I envy them, (Specially Cronos, he has a lot of the things I need right now, lol.) but I don’t go around calling them cheaters do I? There’s even someone who only needs 1 more Eternal Item to complete all the eternal items, and even then no one calls him a cheater. Because we know how hard it is to farm, and how frustrating it is not to get the item you want.

Sorry if I look like a cheater to you, I truly am, I try my best not to have any conflicts with anyone but I need to stand up for my name don’t I? I even wrote somewhere how I got these Eternal pets, I wouldn’t mind writing them again, just for you.

Get around 199/200 Enslavers in kill Enslaver feat, and before killing the 200th Enslaver, equip (7) Eternalized equipments, and pray to the RNG god he gives you the pet you need in eternal form.

I focused on pets because I wanted to complete all the Legend pets, and I found quite a few Eternal pets on the way. I hope this helps you a bit for getting your own Eternal Pets as well.

Oh and one more thing, the arena updates your characters only when you use them in arena, meaning, you could equip character 1 with all eternal item go to arena, take off the items and equip them to character 2, go to the arena with that one, and it will look like 2 of your chars have full eternal equipments, even though in reality you only have one. I hope I explained this properly, I got confused too. Lol.

P.S. I know this message is off-topic, so to the staff, I’m sorry, I’ll delete this if needed.



Please read the first post of this thread, get some proove and we will continuous with the discussion about flagging. Accusing people out of nothing doesn’t help us to find the cheaters: [Reports Only] Report Cheaters & Hackers

Have you guys considered looking at where the cheaters are cheating from? As in breaks in your game code or maybe as you send an internet upload just adding in a few 1’s and/or 0’s just to see what happens, if you found where they “attack” the system from then you could set up some coded checks to make it harder for the less talented coders/hackers to just walk on by your game. Not to offend but i tryed this on my old samsung phone and all i did was press download charcter and freeze the game, after that i loaded my linux computer to connect to the frozen download and i was able to see all the items and affixe values, ididnt try changing them but im sure so eone might have tryed/succeeded. Hope this helps and im not gonna “play” with your games code macanics anymore, i was just curious to see if i could find where these people were getting at the game.
Thanks :slight_smile:

The element damage is possible.
ragnarok :D/
I got a few of that.
but the block , never encountered it.

Do a public banning

If they do that ,
the game will lag for us (low ram cp users)
it will consume more ram that leads to force close.
what is our problem with them?
let them be :smiley:
and the thing is there’s a ban arena where all banned players fighting :smiley:
seperated from us :D.


What do you mean? Could you descripe it a little bit more precise?

Aw sorry I misread his comment hehe :D.
sori ,

I’m a cheater now? lololololol

…anyway, serious answer. This poison aura, among some few more auras, are coming in the next version of Dungeon Quest.

Which is, like, accessible early to “Testers”. Yep, includes me :grimacing:

As a very curious tester I can assure you, you can look forward to this amazing patch. So far, so good!


Thay 1.8k is mad xD

Wow new aura haha put all elements :smiley:

I reported this player also haha

I think the friend that i gave my account to. is messing with my acc.
i think he cheated. he really knowledgable about hackiing or chaeting like sql.
pplz ban that… that’s my old account, plz ban that.

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@Refia You commented in another thread that you closed to go through the guideline, but the items there all had ??? listed. How do you go through the guidelines if the stats are hidden like that?

Hey! Once you have reached Eternal League, your item stats is hidden automatically.

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Good to know! So I guess we just need to rely on DQ to check everyone in eternal league for cheating themselves?