DQ 2.3 Elemental Shock Bleed ft. cronos4321


Ok man ty Very much, you are the best!!


Still working on 3.0 sir ?


Still working on 3.0.?


Someone says Arcane is not Effective anymore due to revamp but you can change its element to Ice and Fire (Frozen + Crushing Flames) Ice for MH and Fire for OH dual Element.


Im already change this build to Rogue and now Im at floor 2407 :blush: M3


Can you share please :pray:


Just use Jasper you know :slight_smile: Chakram and Bomb.


Okay :smiley: any changes of affixis ?


I have dual Element Frozen Plagued (MH is to Frozen and OH is to Plagued)

Ascendant - Frozen
Arcanist - Plagued
Elements - Druidic

Axe --> Bomb
Weapon DMG ->> Element DMG (Just Craft Element Shield for Element DMG)


You know when you are at the 2k+ M3 Floors, Tankiness is not important.

You only have one shot do not miss the chance to blow cuz’ opportunity comes once in a lifetime. :blush: - Eminem

But I guess Crushing Flames + Frozen is better combination.


May I see your Stats ? :smiley:


Just tweak my build its free :blush:


Thanks for the Info :pray::pouting_woman:


I use dual element so the Element and Elemental Crit DMG is divided.

x3 - 100% Elemental Crit - Ice.
x1 - 100% Elemental Crit - Poison

3x Ice Element (MH, Armor, Ring)
4x Posion Element (OH, Helm, Neck including Pet)


I still use arcane + ice for frozen lol. That 180%+ weaken + ascendant + arcanist and frozen explosion for insane damage with 500% frostbiting. Obviously crushing flames is far better for floors but I still stick to my style of blow up everybody with ice and deal godly amounts of damage.

Maybe I removed arcanist but I still used arcane to buff my attacks for insane damage .


Hahaha I love when seeing Cartographer explode like a small fly. :joy::joy::joy:


Lol. Even when farming as well using crushing flames and aftermath firey space meteor meatballs.


These mythics still can be used? Ruptured desperation and vanish? For rogue


My Rogue uses this build and use Ruptured, Desperation and Vanish Mythic. :blush: Raping floor 2470 M3


Yes. Although I don’t prefer to use vanish but you can use it in some cases. Ruptured is still a no brainer for bleed though (well unless you choose Brutal Mythic) and desperation is less needed now but it can have its uses in some cases.