DQ 2.3 Elemental Shock Bleed ft. cronos4321


Instead of desperation ill use energy? Coz im planning also to put like PTL and barbarian. Hhmm


Ok GL.


Yea bru ty.


Question. Vosmic powe can be rolled?


Cosmic power


Yes but only exclusive to mage items.


Mai na post ako. Help nyu ko mgtweak2 haha


I use Cosmic Power and MP Regen.

I use Ruptured for Crushing Flames.
I use Vanish for Blind so my DMg will increase because of Darkness Talent.
I use desperation because I only have 6k Mana and my MP Regen is 4500.
So when vaulting all over the map I will not have out of Mana. Its unlimited you know. :blush:


that pet . Perfect


ainda esta valido ?


Does Shock really have a high rate to bleed an enemy ?


Scalp does.


Shock doesn’t cause Bleed. +12.5% damage up to 4 hits (+50% damage) to enemies affected by Shock debuff. there is a Legend affix on some Rogue items that can get this up to 100%. when Bleed is caused while the enemy is under the effects of the Shock debuff, then the Bleed Damage will be higher, like any other attacks. I think the debuff lasts 5 seconds after you stop hitting the target. so if you hit the target fast enough in less than 5 seconds, and don’t stop hitting it, you are doing a lot more damage.
Bleed Chance +10% (Epic Affix, +60% cap)
Rogue has a Talent in the Ninja Talent Tree that gives a chance to cause Bleed, and Whirling Blades increases Bleed Damage if you put Points into the Whirling Blade Skill.
Warrior has the Barbarian Talent Tree with a number of Talents that work with bleeding enemies, and 3 or 4 Weapon Skills that automatically cause Bleed (Scalp) or give a chance to cause Bleed (Toss is one).
Vampiric Touch (Set), Bleed Damage +50% (Epic affix, no cap), and Ruptured (Mythic affix) all increase the damage of Bleed.
Blistering (Legend affix) is an Elemental Critical Damage affix that causes enemies who are Immolated (Fire Elemental Crit) to Bleed for +100% of Immolation DoT.
@Geheimnis I read the Thread, and it looks like most of the Builds are still good to use. if you make them, later you can change them a little if you want to.


Oh ty for the info it really helps alot now i know what kind of element should i use for my warrior :smile:


Elements are an important part of any Build, even using Prismatic to have all Elements. when you consider the number of affixes that work with Elements directly, that shows us how important they can be in a Build. there are builds that have a focus on the damage done or DPS, with Elements as an afterthought, and other builds that do all their damage through the Elements.


Doing damage through elemental damage rather than pure weapon damage allows for greater damage because you can add stuff that either increases element damage , adds element affects and even lowering your opponents resists to your element which increases damage. Example if you use ice element with freeze your opponent is briefly frozen and cannot move. Have fun playing around with dq2