Elem crit dmg 100 vs mh primary ability 10

which is better for damage?

primary ability 10 x2
elemental crit damage 100 x2

2 slots for boomerang 10
2 slots for frostbiting 100

fyi i primarily use boomerangs and i have weapon dmg 200% on main hand and ice dmg 300% and i easily freeze mobs.


Sounds like something for @Golem to answer.


I think the affix “Ability Lv10” has its own perks, like more Damage, spell size, projectile speed, etc. and should not be slept on.

I cannot say though which is better and I only leave this message to get notifications on this topic. I really want to know the answer to your question. :ok_hand:


Spell Skills, like Boomerang 1-40, increase damage +2.5% per Rank (except for a few Rogue Spells) plus three other things get boosted for that one Spell. many Players just do Spell 20 for +100% damage and the other boosts, so 2x damage for that one Spell. this applies to all attacks with that one Spell.

Elemental Crit Damage +100% applies to all attacks affected by that particular Element for the duration of the Elemental Critical.

if you have Boomerang 20 from Hero Skills and are happy with that, and want the +200% Frostbiting, then you are getting 2x damage from the Boomerang 20 (even more damage if you are piercing more than one enemy at a time) and then 3x damage from Frostbiting for as long as the enemy is affected by Freeze (3 seconds). enemies can be Freezed up to 5 times? but I have discovered that if you are on a high floor and are using low damage Skills, you can cause more Elemental Crits after a few seconds have gone by, at least I was able to do that with Fire and Immolate. haven’t really tested it with all Elements.

the trick is that you want Celerity to speed up Boomerang so that you are making more use of Frostbiting, and that Talent that increases Damage when your Boomerang returns.

you could always go Boomerang 40, Ice +200%, Frostbiting +100%, which gives 3x, 3x, 2x instead of 2x, 4x, 3x…hmm, in the first, you do more regular damage but lower Frostbiting, and the second is lower regular damage but higher Frostbiting (9x, 18x damage vs. 8x, 24x damage after Frostbiting).

hope this helps and not to confusing.


Lol as @Golem says :joy::sunglasses:


@Golem thanks. that’s quite in depth and it took me a few times reading it to understand lol. i can be slow sometime lol. but then there are the other things that get boosted when you put points in abilities like u said.

so basically:

damage 100%
projectile speed 20%
dmg per pierced 20%
skill cost 20%
frostbiting 200%


damage 200%
projectile speed 40%
dmg per pierced 40%
skill cost 40%

I’m also capped with skill speed @60%


@thedude52 lol :joy: I’ve been bouncing ideas off @Golem for a few years now. I never understood his answers 90% of the time :joy::joy::joy::joy: But I came up with all my builds with him.

  1. ((BWD + Power) x 1.25 (IQ) x 2 (WD%)) x 4 (ED%) x 2 (Skill 20) = A.
    A x 3 (Frostbiting) = A3.

  2. ((BWD + Power) x 1.25 (IQ) x 3 (WD%)) x 4 (ED%) x 3 (Skill 40) = A.

if your BWD + Power is 1000, then…

  1. 20k dmg, 60k dmg when enemy Freezed.

  2. 45k dmg.

this is just damage, not DPS. I put in the +300% Ice you had in the original Post.

Power is 75 per Point.

Attack Speed +60% only affects how fast you cast Boomerang, not how fast the Boomerangs fly away and back to you. Boomerangs flight speed is only affected by Boomerang Skill and Celerity.

Damage Per Pierced works better the more enemies there are getting hit by Boomerang.

of course, these are just the numbers you gave me, but not including the per pierced (number of enemies random) and projectile speed (affects DPS, not damage) or any other damage/DPS modifiers.

I hope the links I shared help with future builds.


@Golem thanks so much bro!