Golems Which Is Better? ED% or ED+?

first read these 2 Posts. this way you will understand how to use ED% & ED+.

BWD, Power, Item Quality, WD%, & WD+ must be figured out before you use ED% & ED+. I am going to use the Warrior Sword from the Which Is Better: WD% or WD+ Post as part of the example.

Level 100 Warrior Sword:
(BWD + 5 Power) 3495 + 100% ED = 6990. +600% = 24,465. this takes up 6 spaces.
(BWD + 5 Power) 3495 + 5000 ED = 8495. +25,000 ED = 28,495. this takes up 5 spaces.

with or without Item Quality, ED% & ED+ act like WD if you don’t have WD on your Weapons. the difference is that you can put ED on every Item and Pets, except for Legend ED.

(BWD + 5 Power) 3495 + 100% WD = 6990 + 5000 WD = 11,990 + 100% ED = 23,980.
(BWD + 5 Power) 3495 + 100% WD = 6990 + 5000 WD = 11,990 + 5000 ED = 16,990.

it would take two ED+ to do more DMG than one ED%. if you add Stat Points to Power, increase Item Quality higher than zero, and/or use Legend WD, DMG from ED% would get even higher, while it would take even more ED+ to do more DMG than just one ED%, and this is using the weakest DMG Weapon!

(BWD + 5 Power) 3495 + 100% WD = 6990 +5000 WD =11,990 + 100% ED = 23,980 + 5000 ED = 28,980. (I didn’t use Item Quality to make it easier to understand. read the DPS Post above if you want to know how to use IQ in the Equation).

+35,000 DMG if you put +5000 ED on all items and the Pet. but this is not multiplied by the ED% like the rest of the DMG on the Weapon. enough Stat Points into Power, upgrading to Legend +200% WD, and only one or two more ED%, you can do more DMG than you can with ED+ using fewer affixes.

Builds in older Posts used lots of ED+ instead of ED%. that is because there were only a few items with ED%. with many upgrades to DQ, ED% can now be found on most Weapons and all Items.

the down side to using Legend ED% is you have to find an item with it, you can’t roll it with Ruby. Epic ED+ is easy to put on any Item or Pet, but takes up lots of space to get lots of DMG.

Epic +20% ED. if you are willing to do the math, it might be better to use than ED+ on some Builds. you can’t have +20% ED and +100% ED on the same item or weapon.

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So many guides :joy: Keep it up :grinning: One day I will be able to understand.

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please, don’t say that! I simplified it as much as I could!

if you read @Midlumer Damage Guide 3.0, he goes into a lot of detail and charts and stuff. I understood some of it, but got lost trying to follow the charts. but I understood enough of the basics he was sharing that it improved my game.

what I am doing is explaining a section at a time so there is less distraction from other parts of the DMG equations and charts. I am sure some players looked at his post and understood everything easily, but it was a little harder for me, and took me a long time and having to read it a few times just to see what he was sharing.

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