Eternal Pet Hunting --> Tips and Tricks

It depends what floor you want to clear. With reternal eternalized weapon it will be hard to clear 500+ floor becouse dps of weapon is really small. With eternal items you don’t have any choice to get more dps than to put in elixir mythstone in everything.

Bro, don’t get me wrong.

The eternal items advice I need for dps ain’t for farming pets. Just asking for your advices what can I throw in to maximise the dps. I do have dps hireling. Am thinking if it’s feasible to add plague and Druidic since I do have some ED on it

I needed to update this thread with better information. Below are key components to obtaining eternal pet.

  1. Eternalized set. I use 3 eternalized gears.
  2. Treasured ascension for 300% increased eternal chance.
  3. Fortunate ascension for 200% additional luck.
  4. Epiphany set to go 25% above cap.
  5. Monster spawn boost $0.99 for 1 hour.
  6. Speed - you need to be fast. Either max move speed, teleport / shatter, vault, charge etc. You should be able to locate the enslaver within 5-10 seconds.
  7. Luck @1012% & Eternal find rate/chance 650%.
  8. Instant kill ability.
  9. Accomplished ascension for 25% feat reduction. Makes enslaver feat 150 instead of 200.

You do not have to play on Mythic 3 map. You should try lower level maps as long as your luck is still 1012%. You can play Floor 2 of any map level but when you sell gear, you will not receive much gold and when you convert gear, you will go bankrupt quickly. I stay at Floor 100 so I can sell/convert gear. With monster spawn boost, I am typically able to find and kill enslaver between 10-30 seconds. I do not play challenge maps - I press pause and “select floor” each time after I instant kill enslaver. Using this method will enable you to kill between 120-360 enslavers per monster spawn boost. Hopefully the tips above are a little more defined to assist you to have a better chance to find eternal pets. I also use only one nadroji gear for 62.5% ultra rare find. Good luck.


Yup. This is definitely key. However, if you don’t feel like paying for the monster boost, you can get it via ad video for 5 mins monster boost or via collect 5000 orbs (3750 with accomplished) achievement. Everytime you have 5 mins monster boost, take advantage immediately by going to a floor 2 or higher that you can insta kill enslavers and spam the floor for as many enslaver kills as possible. In 5 mins, you can get an average of 20 to 30 enslavers killed and 30 pets.
If you want to though, you can pay for the boosts and the money for it can be fairly cheap (can also be earned with app like Google Opinion Rewards) to buy as many monster boosts as you want . Please do support Shinybox if you can.

If the boosts don’t appear by ad or feat, you can spam a certain floor (not floor 2 as that needs monster boost) like floor 21, floor 200, floor 100+, maybe floor 500, any floor where enslavers are insta killed, easy to spam floor and find enslavers. It’s not as crazy as killing 20 to 30 enslavers in 5 minutes but you can get a decent amount in a day provided enough time spent on this task. Maybe boring though but it’s up to you.

Or if you’re seriously lucky with RNG when floor climbing and you get like 6 enslavers spawns in a row followed by a further 6 and a further 4 in one or two days. Loads of floors completed that way too. Challenge maps do kind of help a little bit in terms of pet rarity (1000% luck map for example not only affect carto chest but has a chance of affecting pet if enslaver spawns in it). That serious luck happened to me when I spammed floor 500+ trying to find that cognition ring but instead my crystal supply gets like 20 ruby’s, 20 zircons, 20 garnets, 20 jasper, 9 amethyst and 5 obsidians. I also got lucky with 6 enslaver killed in a row without monster boost . I was doing these challenge maps for 2 or 3 minutes. Most of the time, the challenge maps had high rarity, high luck on it and I gained eternal pet along with 3 legend pets.

Enslavers spawn near shrines, cartographers , usually in upper right or left of the map or all 3. Definitely away from hero spawn.


Yes!! Definitely utilize the ads for the Monster Spawn boost. Thank you @CuzegSpiked for remembering. You can also download the Google Opinion Rewards app and earn credits toward In App Purchases like Monster Spawn boost.

Where you play and how you play is entirely up to you. I just wanted to provide information that would help in your quest for eternal pet. Happy hunting everyone.


I needed to update my thread with some relevant data regarding eternal pets. I have posted some of the information below in another section of the forum but that information will be lost.

Discussion and figures related to obtaining a perfect eternal pet.

A perfect eternal pet is a pet that will have all affixes and synergies aligned. In PvP terms; Flat HP, Flat ED, HP%, Vampiric Touch set, Resist OR Armor, and maybe a sprinkle of critical chance.

As of 20170315, I have played for 2,429 hours on DQ.

I have collected 7 eternal pets in ~40,000 pet drops or a 0.0175% chance for eternal pet drop. This means I experience a pet drop once every 3.6 minutes (2429×60/40,000). During my farming, I have maintained Luck around 1012% and eternal find rate of 650% (current DQ). However, to be fair, my first year, the max luck was 650% and eternal drop rate was low since the ascension perks did not exist and there were only two items (MH & Helmet) that had eternalized set affix.

Important notes below.

There are 27 eternal pets available to drop (9 of 27 pets are elements). This can be expressed as 1/27 or a 3.7% chance to get “Vampiric Touch ~ Lillith”, for example.

There are 143 applicable epic affixes. This includes skills and talents from each character. This would be 1/143 or 0.699% chance to obtain Flat ED, for example. There are 5 epic affixes on each eternal pet.

There is approximately 7 in 40,000 odds to obtain an eternal pet or 0.0175% chance (my experience & very similar to other player experience). You can also translate this to mean that you can expect an Eternal Pet once every 5,714 pet drop. Let’s say you are three times better than me and most other folks at obtaining eternal pet, then that would be expressed as 21/40000 or a 0.000525 chance of a drop being eternal. If you were 3 times better than myself, you would have an eternal pet drop every 1905 per drop. Yes, this accounts for luck 1012% and eternal find rate of 650%

In each of the 7 eternal pet components below, I am listing the information to show odds of obtaining a perfect eternal pet using factorial combination or hypergeometric distribution mathematics.

Eternal pet chance = 7 in 40,000
Pet Set chance = 27 (1 in 27 for Vamp Tch)
Epic 1 = 143 (1 in 143 for 20K HP)
Epic 2 = 143 (1 in 143 for 10K ED)
Epic 3 = 143 (1 in 143 for HP%)
Epic 4 = 143 (1 in 143 for Resist)
Epic 5 = 143 (1 in 143 for Crit Chance)

Using factorial combination math we can derive odds below assuming there are 6 affix per pet with 170 possibilities (27 pet set + 143 epic affix).

Factorial expression:
n = 170
r = 6

Or 3.0663442E10 or 1 in 30,663,442,000 odds without Accounting for low eternal pet drop rate. This means if every pet drop that occurred was eternal, then it would take 972 years to obtain a perfect eternal pet if one dropped every 60 seconds and you played continuously for that amount of time.

Accounting for Eternal Pet odds 1/0.000175 = 5714×3.0663442E10
Or 1.7521091E14 or 1 in 175,210,910,000,000 odds of having a perfect eternal pet. This means if you have an eternal pet drop once every 5,714 Pet drop, then it would take 5,555,992 years to obtain a perfect eternal pet if a pet dropped every 60 seconds and you played continuously for 5M years.

Edit: I relaxed n! and separated 27 pets from n! total)

n=143 & r=5 for epic affix
n=27 & r=1 for pet set
7/40,000 for Eternal pet drop

1 in 7.16323E13 or 1 in 71,632,300,000,000. This means if you have an eternal pet drop once every 5,714 Pet drop, then it would take 2,271,445 years to obtain a perfect eternal pet if a pet dropped every 60 seconds and you played continuously for 2M years.

For an easier explanation, a lottery with 49 available numbers and with six numbers to select gives you odds of winning at 1 in 13,983,816. This can be expressed as;

n = 49
r = 6
Or (49/6)×(48/5)×(47/4)×(46/3)×(45/2)×(44/1)

One last simple calculation. Let’s say you only need 2 of the 6 affixes (maybe Flat ED and Flat HP), then your odds are vastly improved. That means you might get elements set affix and other affixes that are useless (basically you have everything you need in the other 36 affixes but you need these two on pet for double values). This can be expressed as;

n = 143 (not acct for 27 pet set)
r = 2
Or (143/2)×(142/1) or a 1 in 10,153 chance of your eternal pet having both affix. If you are 3x better than me and others obtaining eternal pet then your odds would be 1,905×10,153 or a 1 in 19M chance.

With 143 available epic affixes and with 5 epic slots, it’s a very tough task to get a perfect eternal pet so don’t be frustrated.

Bottom Line: it is about a one in quadrillion chance to obtain an eternal pet with so many perfect affixes and synergies.


For those who are interested in the math above.

Factorial Combination Mathematics

Hypergeometric Distribution


whelp…got a cup of coffee…started doing my morning routine (email, review reviews, dq forum posts) then got a full blown college level course involving Math.

Well done!!


Where to find eternal maps?

When you complete kill Cartographer feat and/or when you complete the collect map feat a legend (red) map will drop. If you have eternalized gear equipped there is a probability the map from completing either of those feats can be eternal (green). You can increase your eternal find rate percentage with treasured ascension. Hope that helped.

Though I can understand it clearly. My brain is bleeding to think about those calculations you got there. You Sir a g**damn genius!


Thank you @TYRON I am just trying to keep everyone informed and level set expectations. What is interesting when you look at some of the perfect eternal pet affixes is that the epic values are extremely close to its cyan equivalent. It’s like getting several additional cyan boosts beyond the 6 you can obtain on your gears in addition to getting an extra Flat ED and Flat HP. See below:

HP% Cyan 19% / Perfect Pet 18%
Crit Chance Cyan 11% / Perfect Pet 10%
Luck Cyan 53% / Perfect Pet 46%
Deadly Strike Cyan 8% / Perfect pet 8%
All Resist Cyan 170 / Perfect Pet 140



Yeah right! that’s what I’ve observed too!., that’s interesting really. Though as for my experience, it’s really tough and real crazy outhere hoping the chance to get a pet that would suit everything to your build. I’m playing now for 3 years and I obtained only 3 Eternal Pets. And I could say I’m one of the luckiest to find one semi-godlike Pet outhere. (see the image below) the affixes was real crazy.
My Stitch and Prism sucks so, I don’t wanna waste my time uploading them. To think that I’ve hit the mark. You see, It’s near perfect though I hate Terrashaper set I still love this due to it’s affixes.

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Awesome Genesis and yes that makes you insanely lucky with the best eternal pet I will likely ever see. Of course, I had to calculate the chance of your eternal pet drop having those 3 affixes and those odds are 1 in 408,609 (very very very lucky)!! That is 3 of six affixes but nowhere close to perfect with synergy alignment etc or what I use in my example above. Three eternal pets in 3 years… that is the exact reason I created this post.

My best two are below. I could do a build around either but haven’t yet.


Oh, man thank you for the appreciation but, I could say your Spike is the best! It’s everything for PVE! that’s the the one I’ve been hunting already for years and ain’t got Luck of finding it. :sob: 1012% of Luck and 650% ultra rare find and still got nuttin. Slimes reduces the chance of getting good pets nowadays.

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My Eternal Spike has 2 of 6 affixes that would be good in PvP. However, HP% affix is useless with wizard since Empower Talent will cancel any HP gain. It is my second eternal spike. I had a 1 in 10,153 chance to obtain that eternal pet, so you can only imagine my amazement with that drop.

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Mr Scotty can I ask u what floor did you get your eternal spike?

Likely floor 100 M3.

See link below for better info regarding improving odds to obtain eternal pet. Select my name below and it will give you a list.

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Is it ok if just 2 Eternalized? I already have Epiphany Set on ring, Nadroji on Amulet and 2 Eternalized Both weapon and helmet (Warrior Class). Or suggest what will i replace in one of my items (Dont worry about the abiding ring im already on floor 1036 i can easily farm there).