Eternal Pet Hunting --> Tips and Tricks


@dickwad That Jester Imp. looks useful in Arena :eyes:



It was my very first pet @Kaine_zaine :grinning:

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@dickwad imagine if you have a HDR Warrior and that Pet on PVP. :smile:

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Another tip for eternal pet owners in PvP. A rubbish pet will automatically get boosted ( eg 4 to necrotic etc ) in arena regardless of pet level . But if you use the pet in game play and level it up it will become 6 to any talent or skill affix.



in a few posts, I have mentioned that I am not interested in Crafting a Pet Farm Build for getting Eternal Pets. the chances of getting good affixes are kind of low, and if they are good affixes, they might not be good for Builds already Crafted, so would need a Build Crafted around them. but this is just my way of thinking on this subject.

but recently I realized that Crafting an Enslaver Hunter Build is a good idea. because Crafting a Pet for a specific Build might make it unsuitable for other Builds, I end up having to level up new Pets all the time. and that takes time, unless I speed things up by focusing on Enslavers only, which would speed up Pet leveling and maxing out affix values a lot.

my Enslaver Hunter Build will be Crafted around @Mr_Scooty tip of using 2 Nadroji Bonus and another Build idea I had recently that didn’t do too well, but I think I have worked out the wrinkles. I am hoping it can smash through floors 400-410 so I can work on the Floor 400+ Enslaver Feats at the same time.



well, I haven’t done the Double Nadroji Bonus Enslaver Hunting Build yet, as I have been tweaking the one Farm Build I have to kill a little faster on floor 505 and going down to around 100 for lower Crystals, since I spent a lot doing a lot of tweaking. one of the things I changed was dropping Demonic for Vampiric, adding 3x Bleed Chance, and changing 1x Blistering so I can have 3x Frostbiting. also adding +25% Reduced Resource has mostly fixed my problems with Blood Magic & Masochism combo. also switched from Orb & Teleporting to Skull & Skull Shield. Defiant (6) is kind of fun, but I might end up going back to Defiant (5), and Twister Proc with Elements Set is making any long attacks with Twister really nasty for the monsters, especially the Epic+ ones!!!

5 Legend Enslavers away from next Eternal Pet. oh yes! I got Angelic Slime yesterday, and I know it gives a great boost to the DPS of some Skills. would totally make a great Comet Build!



@Golem You know so much more than me but on single hard bosses (I saw someone else post having to quit trying against a mythic the other day) have you tried mirror image with storm? I’ve found that to be really devastating in large packs/high hp bosses

Idk, if that’s feasible at your higher lvl as I’ve only been to around 350 m3 so far. Was wondering if you tried that out

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I’ve retired from pet hunting now . Will keep farming to the minimum now and concentrate on PvP.



that is a good idea with Storm and Mirror Image. I used Storm for a long time and have recently gone back to Twister for my Wizard.

an affix you don’t want to see on high floor maps is Heal, because the monsters can heal more HP than you can get rid of with lots of DPS. I have had to leave an Epic+ monster alive while I left the map in shame a few times myself. :sob: :dragon: -bwahahahaha, I mean, grrrr, I am the king of the Dungeon!!!

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@dickwad so you’re retired from eternal pet hunting? and so im starting. whats the recipe? :eyes: eternalized with luck +225 (MH) and crystalline with luck +225 (Head) and the rest ofcourse Crushing Flames. lol. 1 out of 10 maps from my journey. theres 1 enslaver on it. mmmmm… i guess i need Epiphany? or Nadroji?

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2 nadroji, I ephany, 2 eternalized basically. Luck till you get 1012 on very easy then hunt enslavers on floor 400 very easy. Preferably 4017 due to it being a small map. Fauns gift pet will help with regen and battlemage for speed @kiane_zaine :sunglasses: Chrystaline set is redundant in pet hunting but ace when converting dust into eternal items with chrystaline affixes ( here the eternalized set is redundant because the conversion guarantees an eternal item).



@dickwad thanks for response. alright. will craft those two. nadroji & epiphany. lets see how it goes. :eyes:

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The last part of advice is to go solo on enslaver legend pet drop feats. Use a legend map. @kiane_zaine if your after an eternal merlins imp then its hard using a solo maxed luck build as you have to farm at mythic 3 500 plus. For this i suggest a crushing flames hireling on legend and eternal maps. Even when luck is divided between the 2 characters its still above 1012. Any other pet only requires easy floors solo runs. Hope that helps pal.



:smirk: x 1k. as I mentioned before, I got a Merlins Imp around floor 1090ish with my Climbing Buiild. of course, I have been playing for awhile, so I have had a lot of chances for this to happen. as @dickwad has also mentioned, a good Pet Farming Build can speed things up, as I have been playing for about 1 1/2 to 2 years, and only the last few weeks have I gotten the Merlins Imp and now have 2 Eternal Pets. the first was Pathfinder Hound with not really good affixes for a Warrior only, and the second was from Mythic Enslaver Feat, Slime with better affixes, but for Warrior again.

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Alternatively you can fish for Merlin at mythic 3 5001 and save yourself a great big hassle :rofl:

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the only thing on my Climbing Build for farming is DPS!!! :wink: so I was kind of surprised to find Merlins Imp following me home. but yes, if I had been Farming for Merlin, I would have done it that way. well, maybe not floor 5001, but 501 would sure go by in a flash! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lol @Golem it was a typo :rofl: I meant 501 . 5001 :skull::skull_and_crossbones::skull::skull_and_crossbones::ghost:

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:smirk: :sunglasses: :rofl:

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I got an idea for my last rogue PvP build. It uses eternal fabled chakram with apocalypse , storm and mirror image proc, switch and scalp, 4 extra attack, Nova, overload, Empyrean, permafrost, etc



Oh and trickster etc