Eternal Pet Hunting --> Tips and Tricks


Tested it. It looks amazing in arena. That will confuse opponents.


@dickwad floor 501 and up. tried to farm. i dont see the effectiveness of Nadroji. switched to Epiphany. much better.


Nadroji to switch epiphany?.:sweat:


Yeah effective epiphany in floor 500 or up’.
I agree with you bro.


@MAGDALO. yes, im on farming mode, almost of my gears has 225 Luck with Crushing Flames Build (with bonus) cant see the effect of Nadroji. thats why i changed it to Epiphany.


well, it depends on the Farm Build. I guess with enough Luck, you don’t really need the Nadroji Set when it comes to Rare Legend Drops.

2 Nadroji Set with Nadroji Bonus is good for some Farm Builds, since the Bonus increases the rate of Magic & Rare monsters spawning. this is good for getting Experience to Ascend for Perks, better loot drops, and speeding up getting the requirements for some Feats. like getting to the Mythic monster to get the Eternal Item drop or getting the Loot Feats to drop loot more often.

2 Nadroji Set with 2 Nadroji Bonus is good for Enslaver/Pet Farming Builds. just take a look at @Mr_Scooty Pet Farming Tips.


Interesting observations but I need to give some clarifications given what I have read.

Nadroji Bonus gives 200% Monster Rarity on floors 1-200.

Nadroji Bonus gives 100% Monster Rarity on floors 201 and higher.

In my observations, Nadroji Bonus appears to have an effect on the amount of Enslavers that spawn.

@Golem is correct about

since the Bonus increases the rate of Magic & Rare monsters spawning. this is good for getting Experience to Ascend for Perks, better loot drops,

If you read my post carefully, I list using Epiphany set and Nadroji Bonus. Drop down the caret on the right side below to expand the list.

There are numerous ways to farm. The approach I listed is one method but it works for my builds to have a pure farmer for the main and DPS for hireling. I also use Double Imp and set my pick up items to Legend + --> You can obtain many legend and eternal legend gears using this method (I started using the double Imp method 4 years ago).

I have older gears that do not have the bonus on the chest and helmet but I require one with the bonus in order to obtain the rarities I listed above.


@Mr_Scooty Nadroji with Bonus has a chance of getting Legend/Eternal Pets. while Epiphany raise the Cap of Luck on gears. okay. im planning to change my gears right now. thanks for the info @Mr_Scooty and to you @Golem. :+1:


Just some of my old pet hunting year @kiane_zaine


I keep crystalline set handy when converting dust into eternal items and swap them for the eternalized set.


nice. I had noticed the different Total Enemy Rarity but hadn’t taken the time to see what was making the difference. I guess I never got curious enough. that makes a big difference when farming floors 200 & lower, and 201 & higher.


@Mr_Scooty @Golem @dickwad i guess its time for another Grind for this. :thumbsup:


@kiane_zaine nice pet hunting build. Stick to floors 401 any level as long as your luck remains at 1012. Do the floors solo. When you drop an eternal or legend map then get an hireling because it doesn’t matter. If you want Merlin imp. Then it’s mythic 3 floors 501 and solo. But on legend and eternal maps get an hireling. Completing legend pet drops on legend etc maps increases your chances of an eternal pet. But easy to do maps at 400+ or 500+ mythic 3. Never ever ever do an enslaver quest completion where you cannot kill it or you will cry! The only suggestion I can make is if your just hunting eternal pets then you don’t need chrystalline set. Replace it with another eternalized set.


You have to kill 8 legend enslavers to spawn a mythic enslaver to drop an eternal pet. If you fail you have to kill another bunch of epic enslavers to spawn another legend,…been there. If you get monster boosted hammer the floors in speed runs.


@dickwad. thanks for the advice, now im starting to make Rich. Gold is 3B now. got a legend pet. and tons of rare crystals and mythstones. will post my build shortly for everyone. :slight_smile: dusk is closer to my target 100k.


@dickwad @Mr_Scooty @Golem here is it. my farming build. please tell me what you think :slight_smile:

2 Crushing Blow and 1 Crushing Flames for DMG. and the rest is Luck/Fortune for better Farming. :thumbsup: using that Crystalline Hat because it has Pickup Radius. for faster farming. :smiley:


I’d stick a bit of 5000 element damage in there. Looks good though.


Now skyfall maps are good for loot so good dodge would be usefull. Also you can reroll your map affixes using chrystalls to get pack size, epic monster bonuses etc


Your ultimate best bet to get an eternal legend pet is to buy monster spawn and farm floor 401 only for enslavers.
In 1 hours, i get about 100 enslaver slain with my train wrecking poison luck gold item drop build. It can essily kill any eternal enslavers under 5 sec. In 2 hours of enslaver farm, you will reach the enslaver feat to spawn a mythic enslaver and no matter ur luck on gear, he has 100% drop chance of eternal pet. JUST MAKE SURE THAT ON THE MAP YOU WILL SPAWN THE ETERNAL ENSLAVER THAT THERE ARE NO ENEMY RESIST OR ENEMY IMMUNE AFFIXES.

Personally I farm floor 501 enslavers for Merlin imp so i can say that esch week i get like 2-5 eternal pets

Hope this helped :smile:


@Tokiba good point. When your
monster boosted (like I did) then you get lots of enslaver on every floor. With luck at 1012% you will drop the occasional off eternal pet outside of enslaver feats You do not need any luck when completing mythic enslaver feats because you’re guaranteed an eternal pet which you can level up in game play. But your build makes any pet the possibility of being eternal etc. When killing a mythic enslaver go for damage and an elements item. If you want

then you have to go 501 mythic 3. Otherwise go 401 any easy floor where your luck is 1012