Eternal Pet Hunting --> Tips and Tricks


Oh yeah @Golem I love explosion :rofl:


Dropped 2 in one minute. Not very good though.


Unity Mythic with that Eternal Spark with a lot of Shock Resist on your items could give a Rogue a big boost to Damage Reduction.


Just ascended for the last time. I’m now a greenie. :sunglasses:


@dickwad welcome to the EOT!!! :fireworks: x 10.


Thanks @Golem. Dropped another eternal pet last night too.


Got about 15 eternal pets now. Most are eternally useless. :rofl:


Due to drop another in 30 minutes. I’m a pet pro. :yum:


the Pets are clamoring to Adventure by your side!! :mage: @dickwad & :gorilla::wolf::tiger::dromedary_camel::rhinoceros::hamster::rabbit::chipmunk::bat::kangaroo::eagle::turtle::dragon::t_rex::shark::octopus::scorpion: Pets.


I have enough interesting eternal pets for 6 PvP characters. But I still have 20 hours of monster boost left to spend. After that I will retire to the arena. I’ve got about 5 bags of legend pets too :rofl:


I had a 5 minute Monster Boost yesterday, and didn’t realize until it was almost gone that it was the reason I was getting more Enslavers than usual. only need about 25 more Enslavers for my next Eternal Pet.


Monster boosts :heart_eyes:


I had a strange experience yesterday. I was on Floor 1093 M3 with my Ice Fire Crushing Flames Climbing Build (only 4 Greed Natures for a little extra Gold), and when I was clearing out my bags, I found a Legend Imp. it turns out it is a Merlin’s Imp!!! :heart_eyes: and when I checked, it was a random Legend Pet, as it wasn’t from completing the Enslaver Feat.

I always thought my thumbs would fall off before I found one, especially since I wasn’t very interested in making a Pet Farming Build. but now that I have one, I kind of feel excited about making a 7 Deadly Sins Build of my own.

thanks to @Mr_Scooty for this great Pet Hunting Thread, even though I never made a Pet Hunting Build, and to @dickwad for all the ideas for Crafting good 7DS Builds, even when it was only good 6DS Builds before you found any Merlin’s Imps.


Congrats my friend. You’ve joined the Merlin owners club. Now you can do your own 7DS version :sunglasses:


Too tip for everyone , if you want Merlin imp then bash enslaved at mythic 3 floor 500 +. It’s the same place you drop all the deadly sins stuff :thinking: If you want to do higher floors a crushing flame build on main or hireling helps. Thanks to @CuzegSpiked for that one. See I do actually read guides :grinning:


As the deadly sins set is a warrior set, if you have a warrior main or hireing then the set items drop like apples from a tree :grinning: Apart from the Imp, all the other items are easy to find.


@dickwad @Golem

For grins. :scream:


New tip for pet hunting. Buy lots of floor 417 floor maps when the chance arises. Quite a small map. Works on very easy. Counts towards all enslaver quests. Been testing :sunglasses:


Dropped another nice eternal pet just now :sunglasses:


these are my finds ( minus the four I converted ).