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@dickwad :smile: DQ humor. yes, it would make a great Pet for a Rogue, but I couldn’t stop with the joke. I remember when I had a Pet with another Classes Talents on it, and I thought they were working. the pain of spending lots of Crystals to get another affix in there was a painful lesson.


@dickwad can u give me it :pray:


No :smile:


I’ll just record a video with it for my YT Channel :sweat_smile:


Awesome PET. you could use it on PVP on Rogue with Bleed Chance+ Bleed DMG affixes. and add Berserker Bonus. and you’re good on PVP. bust those BM+Scalp build Wiz trendy thing. :muscle:


Dropped this for my wizzard. Need to level it up :sunglasses:


I think the only thing you missed is monster spawn. Why? Because og monster spawn boost you are assured that there will be a enslaver in the map. not all the im eternal map there will be an enslaver. And also Get the chance in Enslaver buff? I dont remeber what it calls but it appears when you loot 3 pets. Try to use the eternal map at the last the 2/3 of that. I hope you undestand me im not good in english. Good luck!


Update. Speed runs on floor two while monster boosted no longer work Go for floor 400 + (very easy level with luck of 1012%.using perks and eternal plus epiphany set and nadroji bonus.) .


My Xmas day drop. Pretty perfect for my wizard farmer ( Once it’s levelled up )


that is one seriously good Farm Wizard Pet drop! I know it is an Eternal Pet, but I would still spend a few Crystals to get rid of Faun’s Gifts and replace it with something else. I am just not a fan of that Set.


I agree @Golem. When I saw fauns gift I thought “One to throw away!”. So to humour the pet I’m testing it doing speed runs using battlemage on very easy 400 to 500 with 1012 luck. I rarely die. I drop nice pets. Can do a map in seconds
It’s a keeper :heart_eyes:


Just dropped another :smile:


Could be good if I wanted to make an anti immortal bow/manashield rogue build. Not convinced though.


got my first Eternal Scout a few days ago. it has 2 Warrior Talents, but I don’t like using Axes or Swords just to use…Slicing? I think it is. I was on floor 1009 M3 using my Crushing Flames Ice Climbing Build, and it wasn’t from the Enslaver Feat for the Eternal Pet, so I should be getting another one soon. I am going to save it for awhile in case I can come up with a build idea for it. there are 2 affixes that would make it good for a Warrior in the Arena, but basically, this First Eternal Pet falls under the heading of Not Optimal. :persevere:


For anyone looking for Merlin’s Imp then you have to go to mythic 3 floors 501
. Good luck


Congrats @Golem :wink:


I have to admit, I was hoping my first Eternal Pet would be a good one to use, but I guess I have the same luck as other players. RNG can sure be mean to us players. :imp:


Don’t go pet hunting on mythic 3 unless for Merlin. Floor 400 very easy is good enough . Provided you have the perks and nadroji bonus, eternalized and epiphany with enough luck for 1012 %


I am actually just climbing with a Crushing Flames Build that I tweaked a little. it needs a Crystal Block +45%, but otherwise it is doing well. at floor 1012 and still going strong. the only farming I have on it is Fortune Skill 20 (from Hero Points) and 2x Greed and Luck Natures. the Elements Set on Rain Slime is giving me an idea with Elements Set and 50% Clearcast on a future build. I was looking at Legend Clearcast and that is basically 2 Spells for the price of one (50% chance to cast spell free with 100% cooldown, so basically a 50% chance to double cast a spell for the price of one). and with the Haunting Bonus, a big boost to DMG!!!

Edit: well, I don’t want to double post, so here goes…I just need one more Legend Enslaver for my second Eternal Pet, so I am almost there.

tweaked my Crushing Flames Build again and it now has +45% Block with +90% Weaken moved to Chest. took away all Farming affixes & Natures. one of the biggest finds was adding +400% Explosion, which I discovered can Elemental Crit!!! totally gives my Skull Shield an AOE with crowds. the best part of all this tweaking was it only cost me 2 Obsidian, RNG was really loving me!!! but then RNG turn their back to me because I spent almost 50 Ruby’s trying to get Frostbiting. but using so many Ruby’s allowed me to get affixes with better values than ones I had, so my build improved a little bit.


Due to drop another eternal pet in roughly 1 hour :heart_eyes: