First Mythic Brutalizes Monsters


I crafted my first mythic item yesterday, for my ascension build. love the higher crit damage on the screen. had to spend a lot of gold converting myth stones to get the Master, though. but it was so worth it. Brutal Mythic, terrifying monsters everywhere.


Rofl… Congrats


keep it up mate


thanks for the encouragement, everyone. crafting my first mythic gave me the confidence to do some more crafting. the day after I made the Brutal, I made 4 crystal items. deadly strike and dodge were perfect, critical hit and crushing blow were not. tried to make the last 2 perfect, but messed up my legend affixes. didn’t really want the crushing blow, but now critical hit, dodge, deadly strike and crushing blow are all maxed out. then I maxed out critical damage, and converted a lot of gold and crystals into ruby’s. got DoT reduction, and 2x +2 multi strike. been busy over the weekend. switched from arcane to prismatic, and switched my skull shield talents to go all elemental talents. fighting monsters is a lot different after relying on skull shield for so long. after I get the sixth perk, I will probable have to do a total remake of my farming build, but in the short term, I’ll just convert my ascension build into a farming build. (sigh) high end crafting is so different from low end crafting.