Golems Which Is Better? WD% or WD+?

many new players and some veterans ask which is better on their Weapons for their PVE Build. but the bigger question is, how can you know for sure?

for a quick answer, having Legend +200% WD on the Level 100 Weapon that has the Skill you are using to do most of your DMG is the best choice for all Weapons. here is an example of why this is so.

Warrior Sword has the lowest DMG of all Weapons (even lower than OH Weapons). a Level 100 Sword BWD + 5 Power = 3495. 3495 + 200% = 10,485. this is with Item Quality of 0.

if you don’t have a Legend Weapon with +200% WD, then you are choosing between Epic WD% & WD+.

use +100% WD for Gauntlet, Staff, Hammer, Lance, Chakram, & Bow.
use +5000 WD for Wd. Sword, Wand, Axe, Wr. Sword, Dagger, Flintlock, & All OH Weapons.

if you have the room on your Main Weapon that is doing DMG, use both affixes. (WD only affects the Weapon the affix is on).

every Character starts with 5 Points of Power, which gives +375 DMG no matter what level your Weapon is. putting Points into your Power Stat makes your high DMG Weapons stronger, and your low DMG Weapons can be strong enough to use +100% WD instead of +5000 WD for more DMG.

Hatchet add 10 Power.
All Other OH add 19 Power.
Wizard Sword add 10 Power.
Wand add 15 Power.
Axe add 17 Power.
Warrior Sword add 21 Power.
Dagger add 10 Power.
Flintlock add 19 Power.

using Warrior Sword again.

3120 (BWD) + 375 (Power 5) + 100% WD = 6990.
3120 (BWD) + 375 (Power 5) + 5000 WD = 8495.

3120 (BWD) + 375 (Power 5) + 200% WD = 10,485 (from Legend WD% above).
3120 (BWD) + 375 (Power 5) + 200% WD = 10,485 + 5000 WD = 15,485.

3120 (BWD) + 1950 (Power 26) + 100% WD = 10,140.
3120 (BWD) + 1950 (Power 26) + 5000 WD = 10,070.

in the first pair of examples, with the minimum Power of 5, WD+ does more DMG than using Epic WD%.

in the third pair of examples, by adding just enough Power, using Epic WD% does more DMG than using WD+.

in the second pair of examples, I used the Legend Sword from earlier and then added WD+ to show how much DMG you get when using both affixes.

the extra DMG from a little bit of Power doesn’t look like much, but when you multiply it by one to six ED%'s, and then anything else that increases DMG, it can really add up!

Question, would anyone want me to do a post on Which Is Better? ED% or ED+? ?


5000 element dmg is better right ? coz its the flat dmg to monsters while element% is the dmg taken in 5000 elmnt dmg .

I have decided that a Which Is Better for ED in another Thread.

but to answer your question, Legend +100% ED is usually better than +5000 ED in PVE. in the DPS formula, the ED+ is added after ED%. if you are willing to do the math, you can find out if having ED% or ED+ is better for your Build.

for new players, ED+ is easier to put onto your Equipment, and you can get up to +35,000 ED (with a Pet). when you find items with ED% on them, depending on the Weapon used, you would only need 1 to 3 items with ED% to get just as much or more DMG than taking up 7 spaces for +35k DMG. don’t forget that if you don’t have any WD% or WD+, then your ED% & ED+ kind of act like WD% & WD+ instead, except they are used by both Weapons if they are the same Element.

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