Green Garden Build revealed


Woaaaah . I got new steps.


Is this build still okay in 3.0?


Yep but making changes can improve it to be quite more powerful as since this build, many changes have been done to balance Poison.

Adding 100% weaken, druidic + druidic bonus, gauntlet over wand for pure base DMG alone , 200% WD, keeping 100% ED, having many Blights, sure shot is potentially good for easy deadly strikes or brutal with 350% crit DMG and 45% crit chance. Epiphany set to increase caps.

Plagued you keep for the multiplying per monster in poison cloud also. Sorcery Talent is really good to double or triple poison dot dmg.
Then there’s push the limit, glasscannon barbarian, angelic set, Demonic set, Ascendant, Arcanist, Momentum set + move spee and more. There are too many possibilities to expand upon this base build even today and make it even more powerful.

You can even turn this into a farm build as well with Eternalized, Crystalline, Gold find, Nadroji, Luck, Item drops, and DMG.


I’ve been using aftermath build but it just dies on floor 500 up >.>