Hello there guys! I’m just new here. Can anyone guide me? Thanks! :wink:
wait, um, I often heared of the Groups at the arena like AS and that SB and something like that.
I Guess they’re strong? I wanna join them.

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Here is an early game progression guide if you need one

And here are some general guides :smile:

Whoah … thanks for those guides! I hope I’ll learn more soon :wink:

Glad to help out! :smile:

Hello mr. Griffin, I’ve heard of you before some people posted your character being defeated by some players. (screen shots)
Are you that same griffin sir?

Yes indeed I am many have wished to engage with me when it comes to PvP but I do not play it much anymore mainly because of the time sink it requires in game and the number of people that want to talk to me about it outside of it as I am rather incapable of doing poorly at it when I do play :smile:

And oh! I also noticed that you sir, and that abner guy has that hmmm, post war? :sweat_smile: he post bout you and you post bout him. … well forget it sir, i just got curious about you two before haha.