Help for Warrior class Build

Hi I’m a newbie here. Can help me build warrior class for farming and climbing floors? Thanks.

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Hello and welcome to the forums @Merkubyo!

Would you mind adding more information like your current gears and level? Resources like crystals and legends, as well as current floor and difficulty.

That would really narrow things down to make suggestions easier.

Or you know, wait for @Golem for a more detailed explanation! :smiley:

Enjoy farming in the dungeons!


Farming Builds: these Builds are for getting Loot! any Difficulty Level and usually up to floor 500, maybe floor 1000 if you want to get those hard to get very powerful items. Max Gold Find & Luck, maybe up to Max Item Drops. there are Sets that you can use to Focus on getting Eternal Items, Crystal Items and Crystals, Rare Legend Items, and Myth Stones. there is even a Farm Build for getting Eternal Pets more often.

Climbing Builds: these Builds are for climbing floors 1000, 2000, 5000, and even higher! when you are just getting started, lots of Health, Armor, and Resistance can help a lot. but on higher floors, Dodge, Block, Sanctuary, getting out of the way of attacks, killing monsters first are how you survive. Defense & Damage are both important.

Ascending Builds: these Builds are for getting the 6 Perks that can vastly improve your ability to get Loot, whether Farming or Climbing. these Builds only need to get experience on floor 100-110, as experience from monsters stops going up at floor 100, so higher floors means tougher monsters for the same experience as weaker monsters. +200% on your Build speeds up your XP farming. many players do 3 sets of equipment, level 1, 40, & 100. level 1 will get you up to level 20 where you switch to level 40 gears, and that will take you up to level 50 where you switch to level 100 gears.

PVP Builds: these Builds are for when you want to fight other players Characters in Battle Arena, but don’t do this until you get a better understanding of Crafting Equipment and do some Searches :mag: to know some of the differences between PVP & PVE Builds.

hope this helps and welcome to Dungeon Quest @Merkubyo !!

@LK_Stradmore :blush: hope I didn’t let you down :blush: !!

Edit: here are a few Posts for when you are ready for Builds with more Damage & DPS.


Lol @Golem will appear :joy:


Thank you😊 @Golem


no problem. most of my help is good for all Classes. I am still learning about Warriors, as I use Wizard a lot and am working on a Chakram Ninja Rogue. so learn the basics while getting to know how Warriors work. after learning the basics, you will have an idea of what kind of Warrior Build(s) you want to Craft.

one thing that helped me with Wizard & Rogue Builds when I was a Noob, was experimenting with the different Weapon Skills to see what I like to use, either one Skill alone or using 2 or more Skills as a combo. then it was learning which Talents I liked to use with which Skills, then learning about all the affixes, then reading lots of the Codex & Forum for hints and advice.

I hope your Warrior makes Ignis on floor 200 surrender in fear! :crossed_swords: :shield: