How to get more power and health

So i cant seem to get past eternal division 3 with this build. Any suggestions how to improve?


@NUIQUE, or anyone else who know what they’re doing please help.

@dickwad, @golem, etc.

Is it 2v2 or 1v1 ?

Armor, All Resist, and maybe MP Absorb? plus anything else that gives DMG Reduction like Equivalence & Defiant does. your HP needs more protection.

I don’t know much about PVP yet, but it looks like you are doing tons of DMG, so I am guessing that surviving to win is the problem. unless you want to boost DMG more for better chance to do a one or few hit win.

I think Wizard Empower Talent is the only way to get more DMG out of the Power Stat. so not good for a Warrior. :confused:

you should find out if your Ice DMG % is doing more DMG that having Ice DMG + in PVP. we usually use the Flat ED because it is more DMG than the % ED.

a level 20 hammer (for PVP) with item quality +25% does 337 - 562 dmg. the Eternal Legend Weapon DMG is about +84%. then add level 20 worth of Power. then about +56% after that with the % Ice ED. then add +1040 with the +Ice ED on the Pet. if the DMG you get from using ~ +56% Ice ED is more than having 3x +1040 Ice Ed, then not sure what else to do.

umm, just doing some very rough math in my head, the 2x Legend + the 1x Epic Ice %ED only gives about an extra 1k DMG (this includes ~ 1k DMG from the all Stat Points in Power), give or take a few hundred. that 1x Legend %WD on the Eternal Hammer gives around 450 DMG on the high end (the 562). if you used a Legend Hammer, you would get +1040 with the Flat WD, almost double if it was on an Eternal Hammer. and changing those 3x %ED to +ED is at least 2k more DMG than using the %ED. and that is not including the +ED on your Pet.

was using these posts as a loose reference.

hope this helps.


Lol nice damage :heart_eyes:

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My highest position is near the top 1v1 eternal 3. We have done good :grinning:

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I forgot these two frames.

Max block and dodge if you can :ghost:

I have an idea now. Check out @Mr_Scooty immortal and anti immortal guides. Check out . Then rebuild with both in mind.

So @dickwad i took off the 94.3% ED legend affix and replaced it with +5000 ED and i lost 1 billion damage on my orb attack and about 500 million on scalp and toss but i did gain about 400 power in arena.

But i think i like the damage more than the power stat.

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Then go back to original stats. :slightly_smiling_face: it’s all about testing. My highest is eternal division 3. The only suggestion is to play the arena more. I do one hour per week :roll_eyes:

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The fastest and cheapest way to improve your craft is to go shock element for 50% more damage.

Then things will get more complicated as you want you synergize affixes.


@Indy the DMG you lost is Campaign DMG on level 100 items. the reason your PVP Power went up is because you are doing more DMG in the Battle Arena with your changes on/for level 20 items.

remember, you want to improve your Battle Arena Build, not your Campaign Build…right?


Yes you are correct #Golem. But its just sad to see damage go away from my campaign build.

you need 2 separate Builds. one with all the +ED for PVP, and one with all the %ED for Campaign. the rest of the Builds looks like it is doing well either way.


Definitely. Each character needs two changes of gear. One for PvP and one for PvE.

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when you read up on what to use in Battle Arena, you start to see which affixes do better in PVP than Campaign, and which ones do better in Campaign than PVP. and of course, there are affixes that do well in both.

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And if you drop a nice eternal pet which you want to level and maximize then your going to need to equip it and farm. So PvE gear is a must.

high power comes with high damage wish it have armor for defense at the same time