How to get more power and health

Armor, All Resist, and maybe MP Absorb? plus anything else that gives DMG Reduction like Equivalence & Defiant does. your HP needs more protection.

I don’t know much about PVP yet, but it looks like you are doing tons of DMG, so I am guessing that surviving to win is the problem. unless you want to boost DMG more for better chance to do a one or few hit win.

I think Wizard Empower Talent is the only way to get more DMG out of the Power Stat. so not good for a Warrior. :confused:

you should find out if your Ice DMG % is doing more DMG that having Ice DMG + in PVP. we usually use the Flat ED because it is more DMG than the % ED.

a level 20 hammer (for PVP) with item quality +25% does 337 - 562 dmg. the Eternal Legend Weapon DMG is about +84%. then add level 20 worth of Power. then about +56% after that with the % Ice ED. then add +1040 with the +Ice ED on the Pet. if the DMG you get from using ~ +56% Ice ED is more than having 3x +1040 Ice Ed, then not sure what else to do.

umm, just doing some very rough math in my head, the 2x Legend + the 1x Epic Ice %ED only gives about an extra 1k DMG (this includes ~ 1k DMG from the all Stat Points in Power), give or take a few hundred. that 1x Legend %WD on the Eternal Hammer gives around 450 DMG on the high end (the 562). if you used a Legend Hammer, you would get +1040 with the Flat WD, almost double if it was on an Eternal Hammer. and changing those 3x %ED to +ED is at least 2k more DMG than using the %ED. and that is not including the +ED on your Pet.

was using these posts as a loose reference.

hope this helps.