How to progress effectively at the very beginning of the game [The Duct Tape Build] [Hybrid PvE/PvP]


Definitely elements should work super well :smile:


About time i dropped a 2 cent on this build …not sure if i have already made it to the full build as per the guide …but Just got myself a choker and an aether hat as a replacement for my thor hat…dps is decent but i seem to be dying quite a lot recently any tips on how to survive in floor 523 legend???

Like how for cheaply the build is designed. We need more guides like this would definetly recommend


In regards to this,

I’m using the thor crown so far - and I can somewhat manage at floor 500 and a little above, but dying a lot also. Are you using a mana shield to benefit from aethereal drain on aether cover/hat?

*Edit - and in case ‘yes’ - then which mana shield are you using?:slight_smile:


Let me know if u can see it clearly
For wack and griffin

Tips , possible upgrades for me please…should i push to floor 700 for more ms or crystal …kinda confuse right now


Any one can help me make my character push its potential. Which mythic should be added and in which gear or which gear to change or whatever really… :slight_smile:


I’m not the most well versed when it comes to making/creating builds for wizard. Sorta left mine for a bit - @Griffin012 is definately your man in this regard:)

But - from what I’ve picked up so far, it seems like ‘survivability’/the ability to tank hits at later maps is kinda pointless as most things will 1-shot you no matter what. And also with discordance mythic in the build - mana as a ressource seems obsolete.

If you take @roykiyoy 's reactor build. He’s has 60% dodge and the mythic skill ‘Serenity’. He’s sitting at 1 hp with the build due to glass-canon at 50% (I presume) and 7800 mana, so my conclusion is that he has decided that it’s not important if he sits at 1.000.000 hp or 1 hp.(same goes for mana)The added dodge completely lets him negate damage, and serenity is his “get-out-of-jail-free”-card on a 30sec cooldown. Discordance is his “mana-resource”

If YOU disregard HP and mana in your build - you all of a sudden free up a lot of space for affixes made to deal damage.
These are my rough observations:
+24,9%HP (1)
10k hp (2)
+25%HP (3)
Aethereal drain (4)
10k HP (5)
10k HP (6)
250 MP on hit (7)

*EDIT @gimulet its actually 11 affixes in total
Forgot helmet:
+2% HP on hit (8)
+232 HP on HIT (9)
+20,3% Total MP (10)
and forgot
+25% hp on the offhand (11)

I added aethereal drain to the list, as most of the effects on it becomes pointless if you’re not going for mana as a resource in your build. (It might still be good, due to the added “elemental crit chance-part” of it: ask griffin how this is best utilized/if its worth it - I’m basing my thoughts on what roykiyoy did, or atleast how I perceive it).

Anyway - if you disregard HP and MANA that free’s up 11 affixes for you to play around with. One of those should probably be used for ‘Serenity’, and two of them should probably be used for “dodge” or “block”. Since you’re now disregarding hp you should probably go for glass-canon on one of your items.
This leaves you with 7 affixes to play around with, just from removing the hp/mp affixes on your current gear.
Which damage affixes are the best for you if you wanna run a poison reactor build, HOW MUCH dodge is considered “the sweet spot” and whether or not you NEED leave ‘plagued’ and “druidic” affix behind and build the ‘frozen throne’ version of a reactor build with ‘Frozen’ set affix, and “explosive/frostbiting/ice dmg” to upgrade your survivability enough to run a lot HP build - I don’t know - not experienced enough to give you advice on this.

I have NO idea if dodge + serenity is the only way to go for a wizard late game - you will have to ask some of the more experienced guys in here:)
As far as I can tell - as shown in this video by Griffin:

its definitely possible to run farming set ups with mana as your primary attribute - but I have my doubts if its viable for progress. You’ll have to ask some of the more experienced guys to enlighten you on this.

My two cents anyway. Hope it makes sense, and take into consideration that I’m not playing a wizard main, so my thoughts might be complete rubish;)



Ive considered royki wiz build but heres the part that worries me the most is the fact that most of his stuff needs me to get my char to farm m3 floor 500 which suffice to say i even struggle to farm 500 legend nicely.

Actually i wanted to model this char as per the video in chill farming. But dont really know how to go about and do it but then again i notice as well some of his stuff needs me to farm floor 700 m3 which im at loss for words now…e.e i might be wrong on all of this but i need more inputs


I’m not sure what you mean when you say that more than 3 affixes will make you go kaput?
Do you mean that it feels like if you remove 3 of your current affixes you will die, or something else?


@wack its wrong edit


Roykiyoys build is definately end game, but the idea behind dodge and serenity can be replicated on other items than the ones he suggests.
If you tell me what floor you can farm comfortably, I can try to look for some legend items around that level that might improve your situation.
That said - you will need crystals for any kind of build you’re trying to make, and you will need to farm for those, or have CRAZY luck;)


Yeh. Noticed;)


I can comfortably farm 500 legend map with less than 3 affixes on it. Other than that my clear speed suffers greatly…

Atm trying to hike floors on very easy. Died twice :frowning:@griffin please help me out


Anyone have tips for me on which items of mine i should upgrade and what affixes. Trying to hike floors on 520 very easy still died miserably :frowning:


I used my rogue as maintoon, every 10 runs in floor 200 i get a choker…try it! (Better at M1-M3)


This is my current zeus! Doing bout 600-700k base damage with my current items (cant post cuz of new player limit). Got a spellbinder close to yours, at floor 130 atm. How should I continue? I want (5) reactor but no idea how to do that, also a question. Did you run through floors to kill boss 1-200 or did you do the full floors?
I can do Legend floors easily at this time, would it be worth doing that instead of easy? Or just power through til 200 and then do legend


It depends on a few factors.
If you’re looking for specific items, there are some items that will not drop, unless you’re playing a a specific difficulty or lvl number. That might be worth taking into consideration.
If its only a question of levelling - the higher difficulty, past a certain floor will give you the biggest net gain. Its somewhere around floor level 180 that monsters wont give more exp, only the increased difficulty will do that for ya.
So its a question about what your goal is at the moment.

As far as upgrading your zeus, i would wait till your items can reach ilvl 100. Wether the max ilvl is depending your first character reaching lvl 99, or wether its passing character lvl 50 that allows your items to reach i lvl 100, i can’t remember - maybe someone knows?
BUT - after your item reaches ilvl 100, it can roll max stats - +5000 Weapon DMG + for instance. In my oppinion, if you’re just starting out, there’s not much reason in wasting crystals on trying to roll items, unless you’re struggling. Not untill your items are max lvl anyway.
When your items can reach ilvl 100, you can improve the quality of the items by applying ‘Emerald’. Just by reaching a quality around 5, it seems you greatly improve your chances of higher rolls on the stat you’re trying to reroll.
After improving quality, you can attempt a reroll on the specific affix stat by applying Fluorite to the item. Thereby you will have a chance at getting higher rolls, and be able to crank out more dmg of your Zeus:)

Feel free to ask questions regarding this build - been using it plenty anyway:)



Thanks man, it cleared a lot of things out!
About this picture, I’m going for the same build as above with the mana shield. I’m guessing same thing here, swap out mana things for damage?
Also got a pretty sick robe “Frostfire regalia” with 10 empower, focus 20, 250 mp on hit and +9k hp (which I’ll re-roll) Reckon it’s worth staying and using that top or finding a better one?
Rn I also got 250 mp/hit on my zeus. Seems like 500 total mp/hit makes my mana shield never run out because of the aoe on storm. Still fairly new so idk what’s worth it, really appreciate the help man!

Also, reactor (5). How does one get that?


Answer Inc - just need to get home to my pc:)


I wrote this up in another post in december - gonna copy paste. I hope it clears up some stuff about the (5) reactor. Will try to get around your other questions as soon as I can:)

This is gonna be a long explanation ichiban but let me give it a go.

SOME items are born with specifix SET affixes - like this one:

If you want a specific set item for your gear - you can farm for those specific legend items - OR you can put a set item affix on your gear, by applying a CRYSTAL:

How to apply crystal you might ask?
There can only be a TOTAL of 6 affixes on your gear - empty socketable = an affix. Also, there can ONLY be ONE set affix on your gear.
SO - if you wanna add a specific SET affix to your gear using a ruby - first of all make sure there is no other set affix(green) on the item and make sure that there is only 5 other affixes on the item.
IF you wanna remove a set affix from an item - use a KYANITE. Kyanite can also remove other affixes - except the blue ones:

IF you have 5 affixes - and no other set(green) affix on the item - you can use a ruby on the item. The ruby will NOT ALWAYS give you the exact set affix that you want, but it will give you some different choices from all of the set-affix options there is. So IF you are lucky, then ruby will make it possible for you to apply the set affix you want - but its about luck:)
So you might end up farming a lot trying to reach your goal, and sometimes its easier to farm for a specific LEGEND(red) item that is born with the affix you want, instead of trying to get it with a ruby,

In general about set affixes - the bonus they give becomes better, the more of a specific set you have equipped.
So ONE piece of ‘FAUN’S GIFTS’ will be displayed like this on your item:
TWO pieces with a (2), etc. Every added piece will give you more of the bonus that the set piece gives - for FAUN’S GIFTS its this (blue box the bonus) (red box - the number increasing if the (X) number is raised):

You dont HAVE to equip 6 pieces of FAUN’S GIFTS to reach (6), as there are legend affixes and mythstones that gives you up to +4:

That said - you can ONLY have a total addition of +4 from bonuses like the two I just described. Some ETERNAL(green items) can give you +4 also - but no matter what - you can NOT get above +4 set bonus.
So - if you wanted to reach (6) FAUN’S GIFTS you would need 2 piedes of gear with the set affix ‘FAUN’S GIFTS’ = 2
and combined +4 set numbers, as examplified above = 4
all in all =(6)

You can of course have 4 set pieces and +2 set numbers also if you prefer that option.

Sry bout the wall of text - but I hope it can help explain. If you want me to clarify something - let me know. And I might have gotten some of it wrong - but thats about it to my knowledge:)


I’d say that you should keep it for now, if it improves your stats. That said, I don’t find it optimal for the build, as it has a “locked” affix - the ‘Aftermath bonus’, which can’t be changed.
Aftermath set affix will be better than other set affixes for the build, but at the rate that meteor procs, I’m not sure its to be prefered over other stats that can be achieved on other items.

I’m sure, at some point, you’ll find items that works better for the build. One reason why I think @Griffin choose a mix of hp and mana initially might be that it’s easier to build HP than MP with early game items.
I’ll write you a list of items to look out for when I get the time, but they arent designed for a pure MP build. Also - building MP/HP for defensive purposes initially is fine, but when you reach higher levels it’ll be extremely hard to build enough HP/MP to survive the hits you might receive.
For now though, its all good - and as the OP states - its a beginner’s build - and works as such - very good for giving you the ability to farm relatively high floors at a low cost, but it wont get you to floor 2000:)

Finally - you could link your current items for me - maybe in a pm if you don’t wanna spam the forum, and I’ll give you whatever advice I can supply:)

You mention that it has focus 20 - ‘Focus’ is a ‘Talent’. All wizard chest pieces, at ilvl 100 can reach 20 focus. You can see a list of the various talents, and which armor pieces they can be rolled on on my screen shot.

Also you can reroll talents by using Citrine - see the 2nd screenshot:)