How to progress effectively at the very beginning of the game [The Duct Tape Build] [Hybrid PvE/PvP]


Can post multiple pics now so all good! I’ve managed to farm my way up to creating that first mythic. However, all i have to (gear wise) to put it on is an epic hat wit 4 sockets, kind of shit… Should I wait and get a better one?

my gear atm;


No reason to craft the mythics yet imo. I’ll take a look at your items later today (7.30 am here at the mom.)


sounds good buddy! And thanks


looked yet? :wink:


Just don’t have a lot of time on my hand at the moment:S
I have some later today though, so bare with me:)
One thought:
Manashield/mana setup for defense purely is good - it just requires some different thinking, as affixes such as glasscanon might help you dmg wise, but eats you hp pool/defense. So if you’re running a mix pool of mana and HP it will make your defense worse.
I’ll get into why lowering your hp pool might not be desirable if you wanna keep the build cheap for now. But will have to explain later today.
For now, you’ll have to settle for 3 items I’d recommend looking for, for the early days of the build. They drop fairly often - are usefull for various reasons(I’ll explain later today), and supports the build, untill you can get better stuff.

What floor lvl have you reached so far?


Gonna take it in small chapters her, as my time is limited:

  1. Why not frostfire regalia
    Too much stuff needs to be changed. Aftermath bonus is useless for the build, aftermath set bonus doesn’t trigger often enough to be really usefull in the build.
    Glasscanon counters the cheap/more accessible part of the build which is usefull for new players imo. (not saying it can’t be good later, when you have the stuff you need for crafting)

Why HP only or a mix of HP/MP?
In my opinion(IMO) there are a lot of easier accessible “HP-items” requiring a minimum of crafting, which, are available earlier on, which can be good for the build, COMPARED to the mana items.
You CAN pick mana for defense only, but some/many of the mana items requires more crafting to suit the build or, at least to me, they doesn’t drop as much.
Take for instance your chaos ring. Gives 25% hp - might as well use that, instead of bringing glass Canon, that counters your healthpool(your defense for now)

All said and done (and this goes for all the advice in this thread)
If you find an item that seems better than the one you had - try it out. You might sack some defense for more dps or visa-versa, but it might also be worth it.
Also - there are plenty other defensive options apart from HP/Mana shield, which will eventually be obsolete, but this is just a good/cheap option for beginners/early levels:)

To be continued…


Awesome build :relaxed: please consider that TimeWarp doesn’t work for Orb! So Cosmic Power is useless. And the Skill as well, obviously :wink:


Timewarp should be working for orb and if it isn’t it is a bug :slight_smile:


Then it is a bug. Didn’t work for my Discordance Wiz on dummy (no change in damage) and didn’t work in PVE either testing with my Rogue (normal Orb).

@CuzegSpiked can confirm this.

I was surprised myself :confused:


Alright I’ll make sure to check on it and make sure the devs know it isn’t working right :slight_smile: :+1:




Why did I recommend druidic chest/shield + hellfire.
Other early options might be:

I recommended these, first of all, because they drop fairly early, and also, because they (to me) seem to drop fairly often. Finally, they drop with attached affixes that are good for the build/need a minimum of crafting or none at all:)


Thanks :+1:




Your main defense comes from your HP/MP pool, from how you move around the mobs on the map, and also to some extend your kill speed - so dps/killspeed imo, is also a defensive factor:)
How is Druidic usefull?

More dps = higher killspeed = mobs deals dmg for less time
Might be a good option to invest in mana/hp-regen affixes, as it upgrades the dmg - then again, those affixes can’t be used for something else:)


Both Genesis and Wildhide are born with primarily usefull affixes, which means less crafting, which then again means better early economy.
Same goes for Magus Robes and He’ll fire - they require a minimum of crafting to be usefull for the build.



I don’t have any attack speed in my build. Can’t remember wether it has any effect on how poison works.
@griffin will have to enlighten you on this topic.

I’ll pm you regarding the rest of my thoughts iex - we’re starting to “crowd” the thread;)


Yup attack speed won’t affect poison at all as for crowding the thread at 215 posts in I don’t think anyones to worried about it :stuck_out_tongue: :green_heart:


Floor 180 ish, I’ve received all of those drops but actually dropped them… lol

and thanks mate!


If possible - post a screenshot of your crystal sash. Will give me an indicator of the easiest place to start tweaking your build:)


Pretty shite but ye


I think initially you should just aim for floor lvl 200, very easy mode, as Griffin explains in the original post.
On the way there - you’ll probably get some crystals that can help you upgrade your build, and/or some items that can improve it overall - maybe some of the items I suggested aswell:)

If you get an item - recommended or not - that you feel can be of use or if you feel like you need to upgrade somehow - gimme a shout + a screenshot of the item you’re considering in here, and I’ll give you my 5 cents.
For now, when you think you have enough ‘sapphire’ crystals, you should probably change any attack speed affix that you have. If you have attack speed due to a rune that you have slotted - I wouldn’t bother switching it out until you get an item that you think will be an upgrade(don’t think you’ll need it at ‘very easy’ mode either) . If you do - feel free to ask:)



I’ll pm you if I run into anything for sure! Thanks a lot for the help mate, I’ll be working on swapping out att speed as I realized that doesn’t even help lol.