How to progress effectively at the very beginning of the game [The Duct Tape Build] [Hybrid PvE/PvP]


this is my current setup, was hoping someone would be able to give me some advice as to where i should start upgrading, rerolling, etc… haven’t been playing too long, so i’m not sure where i should go from here… any help is appreciated.


I would suggest getting +2 extra attack chances on your offhand (it’s an epic affix so EZ PZ) and when you have a zenith mythstone switching the +2 extra attack chances to +4 since it will significantly increase damage output. I would then start looking for a second aether cover so you can keep the 100% arcane damage on it and calcite the hat to poison it will become 100% poison damage (also keep the celestial on it it will become blight) after this you’ve entered the realm where your goal is to get amethysts as you will want to replace haunting ascendant and aethereal drain with different set affixes main priorities for that would be fauns gift/living force for now. Once you have gotten fauns gift/even before you should start using beryls to get the “of luck nature” as well as you should have the fortune hero skill maxed as you gather these things up you should progress through the difficulties so that you can start getting better/more loot until you can create a proper farming build hope that gives you some direction :smile:


i have a zenith that i can use currently, so would i add a socket to the offhand and add the mythstone? going to farm another aether cover now and do as you said. i currently have orb, fortune, dexterity, and strength maxed and i’m not quite sure to start putting points into next. will definitely aim for those set affixes as i have some amethysts i can use, and lots of beryls lol.


Absolutely add the zenith should be a massive damage boost also once you have an elixer add it to your ring super powerful to have the full +4 sets :ok_hand:


okay awesome, i have a few elixirs as well so will do that now as well! just changed the nature of everything to luck, was wondering what your suggestion would be to add my hero points into after having orb/fortune/dex/strength maxed?

oh and about the elixir in my ring, isn’t +4 sets max? because i have an elixir in the choker already putting me at +4.


probably just the mana one for incremental advantage? honestly it doesn’t matter much at that point usually 80 heroic points are about all you want in a given build also as a warning once you have 1 affix of living force + fauns gift that’s all you need beyond that any additional sets are up to you :smile:

Also lol oops I’m so used to putting them on 2 separate pieces of gear yeah +4 is max no need to put another one on :smile:


haha okay cool, i started putting points into intelligence as it seemed like the best option. going to start working on farming another aether cover and getting those sets right now :slight_smile:


Awesome I wish you much luck :smile: :thumbsup:


i still need a better aether cover but i found this one for now, managed to get living force and fauns gifts now though and added zenith to my offhand. was wondering if you had any suggestions on what to change aethereal drain to and what to add on my hunter ring for a set affix? was also wondering if prismatic is worth keeping on the choker or if there is a better option?


I’m not sure what I would do with the other set affixes I think I would probably just work towards a proper farm set up from this point and I would suggest fester for the amulet :smile:

How to get pets?

okay i kind of figured the same, not many other set affixes would add a whole lot at this point and would just be a waste of crystals. thanks once again for the help, i have no idea where to start for a proper farm setup but i will try to start working on that now.


I tryed 40orb reactor,the orb attack distance is very short,only arc can hit enemy heavy.Is this normal?Oob hit enemy=enemy hit me=die:disappointed_relieved:


If you’re using 40 orb yes the best way to play with 40 orb is to place orbs slightly out of range of enemies and use arc to fry them :smile:


I got it.A pity that the codex say arc only 2hit per second.Any way to improve?Thanks in advance!


Spam the crap out of orb for an increase in turrets firing arcs :wink:


Good idea :joy:


Hello guys!

Nice guide :slight_smile:

This “Orb” is a skill, that is casted active?
Or you can rush through the “hordes” and looking how they gonna die?



You will need to actively cast orb :+1:



I guess, it´s a real good beginnerguide, or?
I´m new to the game - so I want to have a hero that don´t need the IMBA-Equipment, I don´t have.

I would like to play a flintlock-roque, but I don´t think, she can do it so easy?


Yeah it’s very good for beginners and I would suggest running something like this until you have a little more in the resources department in order to start working with flintlock because it is very good but needs a couple of expensive things to get going (namely zenith mythstones for pierce chance) :smile: