How to progress effectively at the very beginning of the game [The Duct Tape Build] [Hybrid PvE/PvP]


Allrighty - time to farm some more then ^ ^


Its really good in crowd control alright but am not so sure in pvp, so far am still in mythical and sceptical if ill reach eternal class.




It got me to eternal league quite easily and handily and it only gets easier to get in as time goes on make sure to pick up a trophy from the chests though the ability to dispel CC’s is extremely important :smile:


I think its because my book, i have this eternal plague book that am uncertain about. Summons arent really good at pvp right? Cause it like regens their mp and they die before doing anything anyways, but so far i got 4 reactors and a plague and a nadroji something which am not really sure if its as good as the choker or should i still look for it?.


The choker is definitely better for PvE as for PvP the 100% elemental damage legend affix can be replaced with a single epic affix of +elemental damage but the priority is definitely the +2 all sets as for the plagued book it should actually be quite good even better then the mana shield I used in fact! since the manashield was just because I was using it so that I could use MP for survivability instead of HP it didn’t really add anything to the build but the summons should help defer some of your opponents attacks to them instead of you and thus provide you with some nice extra survivability and damage on top of the orbs you’re spamming! :smile:


They die before doing anything in pvp though lol, as for pve its good below 230 but as i progress they arent really helping that much anymore. The orbs are really wonderful though i love it when poison clouds are all over the place.


Aaaaah yeah then fair enough skip the summons and spam orb #orbspam5lyfe


On what floor and difficulty did you guys manage to find this elusive frightening choker jewellery?


Above 200 on legend difficulty :smile:


Prepare to be patient! I’m, at floor 267 at the moment. 75+ epic necklaces and counting - no choker:p (gonna WOOP those rng trolls if I ever find’em)


Im on floor 290 legend and still cant found anything :frowning: …thinking bout creating rogue just to farm that…


Dang yo that is some less the cooperative RNGesus :T and I mean if you think you can outfit the rogue easily go for it :smile:


If I reach floor 300 and still haven’t gotten it. I might just do that:)
Have so much stuff in my inventory at the moment anyway, and I was considering turning my warrior into a fortune runner of some sorts, with a sidekick. Tried this wiz build along side with my warrior, spamming taunt. Seems to do well, but still - the wiz is close range - it might not be able to take the heat later on if it’s not micromanaged properly.
Maybe a long range rogue is the way to go ^ ^
One thing is for sure - I’m not running out of stuff to do in this game the next couple of minutes, :wink:


First Of all, 500k hp is nearly imposible without nadroji’s stone, nadroji’s crystal/frightening choker and 2 Elixer mythstones. You would need to stack plagued with other hp-boosting set affixes. Not sure if that’s entirely worth it.

As far as Nadroji and Frightening choker go, I have been to floor 575+ on easy difficulty and seen nothing. Been through 2 ascendtions, took Dealer and The perk that boosts luck/goldfind/pickup radius. My luck is over 700% boosted, and I run 200+ packsize maps on mythic 1-2 no problem. Never seen the choker or a single peice of nadroji gear. I got impatient and stuck an elixer on my ring. I get farming… I do… but I think some items are bugged.

Either that, or I am simply hot patient enough… although when I have spent over 100 hours on the game and farmed on my off days… not entirelysure I want to be “patient” for months. I give up on those peices. Im building reactor sets for my other toons.

Oh, and if anyone HASNT bought the premium stashes yet… do it. Best decision next to the Auot Map Reveal. About as useful as air. :slight_smile:


I attached a rogue hireling to my wizard. At the moment it’s basically doing nothing other than leeching exp, but since I brought the hireling a long, it has leveled from 0-84, and it has gotten 20+ “rogue” epics, which is more than my wiz has gotten from 0 to map level 300.
Not the choker sadly, but at least it’s an improvement.
It feels like it makes a difference at least, even despite the fact, that I have a very low mf.


Here’s a brief touch up, of my run with this build so far. Started with very few proper wizard items, but some crystals, so that I was able to reroll affixes on the items I found along the way.
These are my items so far:


I honestly don’t feel like I have amazing gear so far, and I’m missing e few of the “required” items still.
That said, its POWERING through the game at the moment. Map lvl 310, and not slowing down.
What I wanna say by this is:
If you’re new or considering a wizard, but dunno where to start, then this guide is brilliant, and will most definately get you started!!


Wack ever since i put discordance affix into my gear i notice i deliver my damage faster.
.perhaps if discordance , druidic and ignore resist is put together it will be too good to pass up Explosive would be very nice too but it can be put into another gear