How to progress effectively at the very beginning of the game [The Duct Tape Build] [Hybrid PvE/PvP]


This is my thought process at the moment. ‘Plagued’ is on my necklace at the moment. At some point, I’m hoping to get the choker, but then I’ll, be missing ‘plagued’. I had this as a drop a while ago:

Giving me plagued, but then I’ll be missing out on explosion as you mention. The issue with the item is that it has the set(4) bonus from plagued, which I’ll be missing out on - Unless I implement this in my build:

But who knows, maybe something else will drop before I even reach that point:p It’s the beauty of this game imo!:slight_smile:


Is it possible to put discordance in the chest? Wack
If thats not possible , may i suggest finding a chest with 4 socket and put discordance on it cuz the part of the build is reactor discordance and plagued…then as time pass you can put ignore resist and explosive on it.


What I was thinking was to take my existing chest piece:

Use kyanite on it, until I only have ‘druidic’ + ‘ignore resist’ left and then add 4 sockets using zircon and go from there.
Dunno if it’s a viable solution, but it’s something I considered:)


That should definitely work! make sure you have some HP and MP regen on gear afterwards since you need it for druidic to have an effect :smile:


Leave just druidic and ignore resist. Then get rid of the rest of them and add discordance and add them back in slowly

The brontes ring crushing blow affix can be changed into mp regen and the slow projectile could also be changed into hp regen or mana whichever way suits you


The problem about leaving in the brontes ring, instead of the nadroji ring is that I’ll be missing out on the plagued bonus on the tome that i plan on using.
But who knows, as I said - a lot can happen drop-wise before i get the choker necklace, that will trigger the remake of all the items:P


Woot! Oh wait…level 1 :grimacing::joy:




Or wait - you cant lvl an eternal to Ilvl 100 can you?


Haha! It’s better then you might think actually since your power stat is WD+ that weapon actually works super well even as a level 1 :smile:


Just one of my bazillion stupid questions here, since I would love to level this to 100 if possible


No unfortunately you cannot :smile:


I think I might have made a mistake. Got a new orb, and tried adding a %hp rune, instead of +235 hp on hit.
Though the % based heal would return more hp that the fixed hp on hit, but it seems like less healing. It might work different looking at the wording: ‘base hp on hit’


Yes it will be less healing %heals are based on base HP so just the stuff you can get from levelling :smile:


Rofl…guess I should have checked this out first… 5!


Ehehehehe true!


The question is: can I remove the socket and replace it with an affix?


Unfortunately not easily… :T you need to apply a garnet to remove the mythstone and then remove the socket and apply an affix :smile:


How do I remove the socket?


Kyanite like any other affix but you have to remove the mythstone from it first