How to progress effectively at the very beginning of the game [The Duct Tape Build] [Hybrid PvE/PvP]


Nvm. Kyanite - didn’t know sockets counted as an affix:)


:smile: :+1:


Wrong choker… :frowning:


well now that’s just rng being plain mean


Im new at posting Images… but here’s my current gear… working on installing Elixir #2 on the amulet, and 10 enslavers away from my first legend Pet.

Love a good Reactor build. My highest floor Currently sits at like 575…


Nice build! once you get your second elixer you should definitely try and get the frozen affix remember to jasper gear to rogue before applying amethysts for it though! :smile:


What is your damage/hp numbers with that build?


It all just changed soooo much. I was doing crits for 300k-2m… but RNGesus has blessed me quite heavily since my last post. In a short little time, I managed to get an Obsidian… (from converting normal legend items) and when I used it on my Ring… I got Crit Rate. I also swapped my affixes to be more condusive to Reclaim. So I pumped 18 heroic points into Skullshield, Grabbed two +10 Skullshield Epic Affixes, and swapped my remaining Epic Affixes to Crit Damage +75%. Now between the rediculously OP Skullshield, and Orb/Arc… I crit (I almost always crit. My crit chance is maxed at 60%) between 2m-13m. So… thats Skullshield projectiles, Orb, Nova, Taunt, and Arc all doing between 1.5-7m (Non-fire Elemental Enemies) and 4-13m (Fire Elemental Enemies).

On top of all of that that I was lucky enough to get… I crafter a ruby… and added a leggy affix to my robe, and got 350% Explosive. AND… as if that all wasn’t enough… I was farming/grinding Enslavers for my first leggy Pet. I got lucky enough to snatch up this little guy:


I have pleased the RNG gods! They smike upon me! I now have my other Elixir, makig it +4 All Sets. Also… I didnt know these existed… o,o


Hey there, i cant find the zeus weapon any advice?


Keep searching =P seriously though it is one of the most common drops in the game if you haven’t gotten lucky and had it drop yet it should reasonably soon :smile:


Im currently in map 100+ playing in very easy mode.should i continue doing this?and btw after having 20 in fortune where do i put the next?thanks!:slight_smile:


Yup continue with that! you want to switch to legend when you start doing maps above 200 though as for the heroic points I would suggest picking up ones in orb :smile:


Okay thanks im level 72 i will update you if i find the zeus!Godbless!


I wish you luck! :smile:


Hahahah i happen to get it too. Was very excited until i see the whole name


How to defeat ignis in floor 200? Thanks


Once you defeat Ignis on floor 200 you can open a challenge map while on that floor to move to floor 201. Each challenge map you complete after that will increase the floor level as well.

Challenge maps drop in the game from enemies or you can buy them with gold from the in game shop.


Get an resistance affix , hp and damage
Put the difficulty on easy mode…any builds can literally beat ignis even from vendor bought equips or even this build

Good luck


For this build, would it be better to reroll the torrent proc to something else, or do you guys know it adds some worthwhile Dmg?

Iam new Mage build

Yeah you should reroll it to something better :smile: