How to progress effectively at the very beginning of the game [The Duct Tape Build] [Hybrid PvE/PvP]


Awesome stuff!


As the title of this post says, this build is for the “very beginning of the game”
I’m trying to push it to floor 500 at the moment to farm the lvl, but around floor 460, I’m really starting to struggle in he sense that damage seems fine, but survivability seems to be going down the drain.
Untill now I’ve died a maximum of 3-4 times on maps, usually not at all, and almost never above the 2 free resurrections. Now though, its more normal that i die 5+ times during a map. You mentioned that I’d need a lot more HP at some point - and it might be, that I just need to add some HP to upgrade my survivability. That said - I’ve seen a lot of ppl saying that you can’t stack enough HP to survive higher lvl floors - and I’m interested in knowing if there’s somewhere else I should look (affixes) to upgrade my survivability.


Maybe there’s just a limit to how far I can expect to go with this build before I have to invest a lot more crystals into it?

Should I expect that this build can push to floor 500 and farm it?
What would you suggest to buff the survivability of the build, if dmg seems ok - affixes/hp/mana(if using shield)?

Didn’t wanna make this a gear check, but can post my items, if it makes it easier to answer my questions. Just wanted to know if there are affixes in general that you find usefull for survivability.


Your going to want to just work on getting more HP while it is definitely true that there is a point where HP starts being useless that floor is in the thousands so floor climbing builds generally stop with HP but it’s super useful on anything like this where farming is the goal as far as a limit for how far you can go with this build with edits I got it to floor 750 mythic 3 difficulty before I stopped playing the account and it was hardly well built even by then so you can definitely go far with it! :smile:


Thnx for the fast answer.
Time to fit in some HP somewhere then. By chance, is there anyone who did some math on the topic of +flat hp vs + % base hp ratio? If someone has a link, I can read up on it myself:)


unfortunately no but 2-3 +HP affixes should be fine combined with the many multipliers for HP :smile:


You recon storm proc is worth the affix?


Yeah storm proc is one of those very nice affixes to have does a ton of damage :smile:


Can’t find the damn Zeus of greed I been farming for 1-2h impossible


@Fuka you posted here that u found a Zeus of evasion

You can use Beryl crystal to change the nature of the item. If you want “of greed” , use beryl to roll it.


Haste Attack Speed +2.5
Death Critical Chance +2.5
Strength Critical Dmg +10
Elements Element Dmg +5
Blessed All Resists +15
Luck Luck +25
Greed Gold Find +25
Protection Armor +15
Evasion Dodge +1.5
Wisdom Resource Cost -2.5


At what floor I can unlock all mine stones and crystals ?


100+ if I’m not mistaken.


Iam playing for so longut I got 0 calcite is it a bug iam on very easy floor 100+


Although they are the lowest Crystals, they drop “quite rare”. You can always salvage higher tier Crystals to get lower tier Crystals. Only if it’s reasonable though. For example, never salvage Obsidians to Calcites. :smiley:


So the first item sword i have it with all clear slots so i put random affixes until i get that affix i roll it to 5k dmg and i leave it and with others too ?


The redimentary crafting is complicated i didnt understand what its written he made it lioe he had no time


I just builded this is it ok?


Yes this is perfect! You didn’t need a specific Zeus just a Zeus :smile:


Wait so the name means nothing it’s just name like other names do they give special stuff or like if u change name with erbyl it changes skill too ?


The “of (modifier)” portion of names provide certain buffs yes but largely do not matter for a good while at the beginning of the game :smile:


These items so hard to get only 1 item done for this build iam farming all day from 100 to 199 and can’t get these items that just unbelievable