IceBerg build (bow) 2.3 ver

hi Good day. i wna share this build of mine for those people who love using bowrogue as there maintoon or dpshireling this as for people who have been using bow and facing the same
(2.3 changes i was able to change some eq and affixes which resulted for maximum dps inc. in this patch we can now have +10 individual skill)
problem i encountered

  1. problems clearing up pack size mob since guidedshot is nerf
  2. having hard time bursting epic/carto on high floors

ive tried a lot of diff build from copying ideas from other people and making my own. i tried pumping up my dmg but i still feel somethings lacking and i cant still clear up packsize mob easily on high floors. this build is proven and tested succesfull above floor 1800M3
(still having problem uploading vids)
in this build we rely on explosion and frozen affix in bursting down enemy while maintaining minimum dmg.
this is the build i just achieve earlier due to the help of informations ive gathered from diff builds posted here in forum

Now i finally found the solutions to my problems and ican fully utilize my bow now
@Violetisfat @Timbersaw @Griffin012 @Nightbladejay @CuzegSpiked heres the 2.3 version made some changes to maximize dmg output. idecided to use an eternal bow to boost explosion and frozen dmg since it rely mainly on ur base wep dmg

feel free to suggest for improvement or revise it depends on ur taste.
frozen explosion can reach a freakin billion, trillion, quadrillion of dmg is gets higher as floor goes high and the more mobs the greater the dmg upon explosion.

talent: mutilate, relentless(good in higher floor), propulsion, deadeye
hero skill: focus on guidedshot stealth and agility
Natures : all elements
gameplay: gather the mobs on the carto/epic/mythic enemy u wna burst down then kill the mobs the xplosion from frozen will effect concecutively bursting them all (explosion and crushing blow will play great role in killing mobs inorder for frozen to proc)

Edit: remove elemcrit from amulet add+10 guidedshot. elemcrit from mh is already enough to freeze them.


Do Explosive affix and Frozen set affix synergize? Because I thought Explosive worked with its own chance (5%) to occur, so I assumed it had no impact on Frozen affix/proc damage.

@stryder xplosive will occur when the mobs are still alive and frozen will effect when the mobs die so basically explosive work in this build is to kill set of mobs faster in order for frozen to effect.

so basically explosive does not boost frozen affix dmg. it just meant to kill crowd of mobs since guidedshot nerf lack some CC dmg on area. (better try test it yourself its great)

I think…30% dogde => 50% dmg wd
Pathfinder = aventur…(?)

adventurer is better
pathfinder for high floors

I think…
(5) pathfinder : 62.5% dmg of total dodge ( max60%, epiphiny=8x%)
62.5%*60%= 37.5% dmg
Adventure: 37.5% dmg & ms…so good with momentum.
Sr my bad english

adventurer is realy a great dmg boost im still thinking if i should sacrfice elem crit on my bow to put it but that would leave me having 25%freeze only. maybe if i got a little difficulty in a much higher floor il put adventurer. for now i think im pretty satisfied in my runs.

was also planning if this bow is better? but i lose dodge and +5all skill though

actually pathfinder affix boost dmg calculate even the overcap dodge. i test it i tried putting 2x 30%dodge dmg still inc compare to using 1 dodge affix

Awesome I always love seeing new builds get posted here on the forums!


@Griffin012 thanks dude but ill edit it again haha i remove the elemcritdmg in my bow and put adventurer set affix .it actualy double my dmg output highest burst i saw so far around 700+b i think i lured around 10+ mobs on carto

actually i got this idea also after reading through some build also posted here in forum and made it on bow. community really is great here u learn a lot cuz of other people sharing der knowledges

Awesome! That is one massive DPS change! I can’t wait too see how the build evolves over time :grin: and yeah ikr they’re pretty dang great


Hi, your last picture is not showing because of the “< br/>” in the image link
V this picture

Other than that, the build looks really cool!

Also do you think you can post a video?

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@Violetisfat actually this build is outdated il tryto update it w/ the current version i have… i stil have problem uploading vids sorry

Brilliant build :thumbsup: :smile: . Keeping em coming lol. Great way to use guidedshot shorter range really.

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@roykiyoy Thanks for the update!!

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@CuzegSpiked tnx bro help me convince @Griffin012 to share his bow pvp build too
@Violetisfat no prob sorry i cant upload vids just test it yourself(if u love bow)


Oh haha, that was Griffin’s ‘secret’ pvp bow build that he was hiding all along?!?!

@Violetisfat ya hes hiding his pvp bow build haha

Very very nice build :smiley: I would love to try and Cople it but I would not no were to start trying find all the items :stuck_out_tongue:

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was able to change bow due to 2.3 patch +10 individual skill affix. cuz i ned stealth lvl30 to survive. so in 2.2 patch i need to put +5all skill on both wep to achive it now u can put the stealth on any of your armor(note that u can put stealth+10 on mh wep and oh wep except if ur using vial oh)

ex. if u using mirror oh the only +10 individual skill affix viable will be only its primary and special skill … that is swap and mirrorimage on miror oh