If a builder coukd help me?

Have a few buikd ideas but scared to waste resources on making gear if the builds are mo good all help greatly appreciated


there are four basic Builds.

Farm Builds for farming Loot. Luck and Gold Find are a must. Item Drop is important if you want lots more Loot to drop. other Farm Affixes are for Farm Builds that are focused on farming for certain kinds of Loot. of course, killing monsters and surviving is important also! usually only needs to survive up to floor 500, 1000 if you really need an item from these floors.

Ascending Builds are for getting lots of Experience fast, especially for Players who want to get Perks. if you are going to get all 6 Perks, then you want to have +200% Experience on your Ascending Build. killing monsters and surviving is also important. you only need to kill monsters on floors 100 to 200 for experience, as experience from monsters stops going up at floor 100. you should only go to the higher floors if you need a certain item to improve your Build.

Climbing Builds are for going to higher Floors. they just need to do lots of DMG and survive to get to the next higher Floor. you can Climb lower Floors with the Farm & Ascending Builds, but if you are going past floor 1000, getting Experience & Farming will just slow you down if your Build isn’t good enough.

PVP Builds are for Players who want to fight other Players Characters in the Battle Arena.

even if you know a good build, you will still end up spending resources. all players have spent hundreds if not thousands of resources, even if they are making a Build found in the Forums that you know is really good. it is because most Crystals give random results that it requires so much resources, unless you are really lucky, which happens sometimes.

besides, better to make mistakes now while you are still learning than later when it will be very frustrating.


Thanks for all the advice i acually have a build in mind but dont know alot about build mechanics lile does crushing flame set go hood with crushing blow proc and for example would a whirlwind build with machocist and crushing flames with crushing blow with immolation procs be any good

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If you’re looking for a farming build, you better use poison element because the poison cloud really effective on so many pack size enemy.

Lol its just a build idea i have for pvp and straight damage

don’t confuse the term proc with affix or crit chance. this will cause confusion later for you and others. it would be better to just say Crushing Blow. the reason is that there are affixes with Proc as part of their name, like Meteor Proc, and it would be more accurate to say Crushing Blow chance than proc.

Crushing Flames requires Fire Element so you can get Immolate with your Elemental Crit. it also requires Crushing Blow affix. and yes, this is a great combination!

Attack Frequency is a term used for Skills that attack four or more times a second (don’t ask about Blast). with a Crushing Flames Build and +60% Crushing Blow, and Immolate lasting 4 seconds, about 9-10 hits out of 16 would be Crushing Blow boosted by Crushing Flames, if it survived that long.

Masochism isn’t really a good Set. for a low DMG boost, your HP is kept at 50% most of the time. on the other hand, if you use Masochism with Defiant Set or Blood Magic, or even both, that ~50% HP penalty can be turned into a lot of consistent extra DMG, which is about the only thing this Set is good for.

Masochism would increase the DMG of Immolate by increasing the DMG of the attack Immolate DoT is based on, but it wouldn’t affect the DMG of Crushing Blow or Crushing Flames.

Crushing Blow has a chance to take a % of the enemies current HP and isn’t affected by any DMG boost except for Crushing Flames.

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@Golem thank you for the information back to the think tank fpr me

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when Crushing Flames came out, there were lots of questions on what did and didn’t work with it.

basically, Crushing Flames is great for getting a Monsters HP down to 25% or lower super fast, but because the lower the Monsters HP is, the less DMG Crushing Flames does, you need another way to get the Monsters HP to zero. on lower floors that isn’t too much of a problem, but if you are Climbing to higher floors, this is something that needs to be considered.