INFINITY BUILD REVEALED. Seth's Gift for everyone

Good day to everyone. As what the title suggests, this is to reveal the build for the “Infinity Build”. Although there have been a bit of a leak of info or he actually discovered it… But who am I to judge anyway? :blush: Few months ago, my friend shared me this build and we kept it a secret and he posted a thread showcasing the build without the actual breakdown of the build. And its quite awesome.
Refer to this thread: InFinity InFinity Build

Original build by seth:

Now this thread came out: DQ 3.0 Cheap Build Floor Hike M3 3k up

We are not sure if he is somewhat related to the owner of the build or to any of us that has the knowledge about it. But anyway, the concept of the build is really the same.
Main concept: Frozen Explosion + Crushing Flames (atleast +6 or more). So I talked to my friend and we decided to reveal the said build. (Anyway, pro and veterans already received this build prior to this thread according to Seth)

Lets breakdown the build.
-Infinite Floor level capability
-Ultimate farming and flooring build
-Easy to build
-Not much of a high reroll build.

Key notes of the build:
-Have atleast +6 or more Crushing Flames set affix. This is to ensure thay smaler mobs gets killed instantly when crushing blow kicks in and this does not mind any floor level.
-Frozen (+5) set affix. This is good combo to the mechanics above. Since we can one hit every small mobs, having this set affix will amplify the damage output by having the explosion mechanic givem that the enemies are frozen. So we can easily see this:
Frozen enemies + Crushing flames : Infinite damage!!
-A little bit of Elemental crit chance
-30% Crushing blow is rough
-Offhand weapon shoud be Ambered to have “Taunt” Skill
-Mainhand can be anything.
-ELEMENT TO USE: this is important. Main weapon and offhand weap should have Fire and Ice. You can swap the element between the two but always make sure to have fire on mainhand and ice on offhand or vice versa.
-And thats it… No need to damage affix. No need for extravagant mythics. All you need is some survivability affixes or in my case i mixed it with farming affixes (Eternalized, Mythology, Crystaline, Item drops, and even “Natures” are fixated towards Luck:
-Any pet will do with this build



Footnote: this build can be built according to your need. On my video, I showcased the farming version of this build.

Owner of the build: Seth

Credits to this guy who discovered and shred this idea to us.
Visit this thread for his original thread: InFinity InFinity Build


Hoy baliw, ito na :joy::joy: @Infinity

Lodi Effective paba yang 8x set affix ? at sa crushing flames . May epekto ba yung legend affix na weapon damage %?

Ung x8 na Crushing Flames, effective parin un at its more into flooring than farming.

What happened to jester? Its the wrong class pet and no set?
It should at least look like this:

More room for improvmnt buts thenk for sharing you nice


Nice build.

Like it because I’m using a very similar builds. I have a theory about the nature called wisdom. Test it out and see if you can climb even higher

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It has been tested above 10k floors tho.

lodi may epekto ba yung Damage reductions sa manashield?

Hindi tol, ung talent ng wizzard ang nakakaeffect sa damage reduction ng manashield

ayy, gagawa sana ako ng Wiz na manashield na may Energy eh , tinatry ko , mejo ok naman pero limitado yung mana nya kasi , 200k lang pinakamataas na energy nakuha ko.

tsaka ano ibig sabihin nun isangbtalent ng wiz yung , manashield recieves 10% of all your resist?

Uu, yanna talent lang nakakaaffect nyan tol

Just two things, how does this build fair against ice maps where almost all mobs are resistant to ice and being frozen? Is there an affix in the build that acts like weaken but to elemental critical?
And i still never got an answer on this
What happened to poor ol’ jester?

ice map monsters may be resistant to ice, but they are still affected by Freeze. I used Ice Element for a long time with Weaken for awhile and Ignore Resist on other Ice builds. add Frostbitten and Ice Monsters die just like any other Elemental Monster. I haven’t used Frozen Set yet, so I can’t say anything about that.

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He changed his name to Lester…?


Pinoy pala si idol eh :sweat_smile:

Boss tanong lang po, pwede po ba yan i jasper ng wizard? saka ano pong magandang resource mythic para sa wiz pag gusto ko po palitan ung energy? Salamat po