InFinity InFinity Build

Enjoy watching :slight_smile:


I cant whait for inFinity build on Dungeon Quest 2 :heart_eyes:!!

Yeah :heart_eyes: me too :joy:

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great video! it was like, look at this! :eyes: but that’s not all! there’s more! :heart_eyes: and now, what you have all been waiting for, the Grand Finale!! :fireworks: my heart was beating faster and faster the faster the numbers kept popping up on the screen. feel like I chugged down a liter of mountain dew in 5 seconds. :heart_eyes_cat: x 1,000.


Youve reached 10k floor but i havent seen your name on legends found section.:smiling_imp:

I’m nowhere near floor 10k, but I do find lots of legends!

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Thanks …now, it make sense.

Hope you really enjoy the video with music Haha thankz I will post my build soon :slight_smile:

The build is too Easy to craft . No need for lots of crystal . Maybe I found sometimes . And sometimes I use ul+craft+failed+cleardata+wait for 4hrs repeat(if you want to go to the top of legends found you will not do this and I’m not planning to go the top). To find a good build and to share to everyone.

I’m the person who only care for making new build . Build build build failed failed failed and success and share I’m not the person who only to stalk people finding their mistake .

It really make sense ? Happy ? :slight_smile:

Fun gaming here . Though say whatever you want :slight_smile:

I had bad wrong grammar :joy: but don’t need to have a good grammar to share :slight_smile:


People always doubt and cant even apprciate the brain behind the build. :joy::joy: great job man, combining crushing blow and frozen explosion :sunglasses:

@MRS_JONES im pretty sure that this plaryer always aims for the cartographer and ignore those small mobs so he can clear the floor faster thats why he had no time picking up those items. And alsowhen your build is dmg type, for sure you won’t have high luck and item drops which would resulted in low droppings of legendary items thats why he didn’t have a high legends found in the leaderboards.
Still good job to this man and nice build😉

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Thanks for the wonderful compliments @EL.Minero and @anon91429674 this two people have an Eagle’s Eye :+1: makes me trigger to reveal the build sooner :joy::grimacing:

Might share the build? With each items stats.


Sooner or later :slight_smile:

Right now i cant see a difference between infinity warrior and this build if you dont enlghten us i would call u a copycat dude this build found before you share this post by korean janex dude

Thanks for the comment . I never thought That there’s a similar build like my InFinity Build . I search the name Infinity warrior earlier and it’s true and Im looking for the build and I found his build a little bit similar from my build. I will post my build here to prove its not copied to any build here . Thanks for the review :+1:


Looking foward for the build share so players like me enjoy your build and have fun.

Done :slight_smile:

Just seen the video. WOW! :fearful::wink:

Its really powerful it seems. Crushing flames + frozen is pretty deadly.