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Hey guys I just started playing tonight. Love it. Got a wizard to level 23 and already love it. So here’s the thing; I hate wasting time doing something without it being optimal. I want to play a wiz hands down but other than that I’m not looking to “play your own way and have fun”. I have fun by dominating from start to finish lol. So a couple questions.
Are there any difinitive dos and do nots?
Any guides/builds?
I seen something about leveling low level weapons up. Is there anything specific you should hold onto if you find it early on?
Thanks in advance people. Really am having fun. And I just started! I’ll delete my wiz and start over once I get more info

Here is an extremely efficient guide on the early game for wizard

here is an extremely efficient guide for levelling late game

And here’s a guide on what a lot of things do :smile:

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Hello & welcome to the hood :smiley:

I used this to get started. I also searched forums as most questions have already been answered. The Legendex is a good resource.

Be sure to checkout the other resources listed at bottom of @Skaul 's SHHT.

Thanks guys I’ll give them all a look over now.

If you wanna play wizard, my friend… There are several Wiz builds on the forums… but even tho you do NOT want to hear this… From a guy who has been playing this game for a long while now… (over a year) PLEASE FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU ENJOY MOST. Lol I hate to be the guy that says “Play the game the way you have fun” after you strictly told me not to lol, but Honestly, I have a high damage reactor build going with crystal affixes for deadly strike and the brutal mythic. I wont let go of my Orb offhand because I like to teleport… these are things that may not be “optimal”, but I have a blast.

What Im saying is, you will, in my opinion; be in favor of non-optimal gear because of aesthetics, affixes, or skills. Let your guard down, enjoy the game. Figure out what works the best for you, then try and find a similar optimized build when you move on to quad/quin ascention PvP. :smile:

I’m really glad you picked up the game! Hope we can square off one day! :blush:

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very much this…I really like playing wizard with mana bracelet and summon procs. While it is not the most powerful build, it just looks so freaking cool and I love the effect the energy shield’s secondary attack has.
Steiger did a baller job with that set up and I just like to drop a few and hide in safety while my minions wreck stuff.