Justice for Rogue! whatever happened to equality?


That’s precisely our point as pure rogue users. I totally support f00kee’s comment.


This statement came from Kcellvirus, he just ask me to post it here. Ayan na beh.

“Rogue with battlemage is not pure rogue
Rogue with spellsword is not pure rogue
Rogue with scoundrel? Pffft! Useless!
Among those 3 set affix scoundrel is the most useless one
Battlemage can boost hp
Spellsword can boost mp
Scoundrel? Can let you turn off your game and sleep! Justice for those player whos using pure rogue!”


Btw maam f00kee I read some topic that your rouge build is just a copy from other build and you just modify it a little is that true?


Just like how everybody copied clogon’s build and then Knutz build. It’s called META dude. Just like how you copied the Kraken build.


This is why it is very difficult to balance the rogue. They specialize in Burst. If you don’t have a certain amount of effective HP, you will die in a second or 2. Past that critical point, the current popular rogue builds fall off since they cannot sustain their damage output and have low survivability. Why do most people build glasscannon? “Natural progression”, the rogue talents, skills and stat bonus push towards being killers not tankers. Looking at End game PVE builds, most rogues rely on Stealth for survival.

Instantly killing enemies is fun but the receiving end is not. We will try to find a balance to it.


In The past versions of dq we can win pvp or defeat all characters in pvp by using pure rogue not rogue/war or rogue/wiz as well as pure wiz and pure war can do that. But what happen now? Pure rogue is useless? In the current version of dq pure wiz and pure war can dominate pvp so easily but how about pure rogue? It seems that its hard to dominate pvp using pure rogue now.
Hey clogon i challenge you to build a strong pure rogue build
I repeat “PURE ROGUE” not rogue/war or rogue/wiz! Thats our point of why we are asking justice for rogue!


Copied the kraken to who?


Well some rogues are dominating Div2 and it’s pretty hard to climb div 1 because of them


First try at a “pure” rogue build as you can see rogues are still very much viable if less so then warriors :smile:


Exactly correct I think the majority of rogue players here usually try to William Wallace straight to you Braveheart style instead of actually being sneaky about how they get to u like rogues are supposed to b all I know is when a rogue rushes me in arena I’m usually dead before first cast. If I can keep them away I win so hard to say if they need a buff or if ppl just need to learn the playstyle


Warrior - More on Armor and HP (Strength) OP skill/talent: Prayer
Wizard - More on Element and MP (Intelligence) OP skill/talent: hmm i dunno i dont use wizard
Rouge - More on movement speed critical dodge and burst dmg (Dexterity) OP skill/talent: Coat and Stealth


You have the rogue now on top, with 800 rating minimum ahead of everyone.


Unfortunately that rogue is a cheater who actually only has about 5000 HP and extremely low DPS potential they are using a modded client to win battles they shouldn’t normally be able to :smile:


No wonder

I was surprised when I check ranking a rogue was first with 2800 rating. I thought someone had finally cracked a crazy rogue build and learned to abuse it


@Kcellvirus bro.


that bro what happen to his account?


Please no, I use Rogue and I’d rather not have that scaled back.


I opt for a somewhat balanced build.

I use boomerang for high damage and otherwise try to keep hp fairly high.

It’s not a great build, but it’s an effective build that can get to a decent point in the arena.


@Ircher Sir what are your stats in arena hp/power
Just for reference


I also support this post!