King of the Hill! (PvP rank up thread)


Thought I’d create a thread for people to post their Arena Rank up pics.

This is me taking back the top spot after waking up and seeing myself fall down to 5…

The struggle is real
You heard the man
All Pick!

ATM :ghost::skull::skull:


Wait me


I see, few people on eternal league are live right now that even if I win 12 trophies my trophies are still the same because someone is wrecking my char in other battles :joy:


yeah after i got 1 again i played 3 battles, first two i won and got 2 rank points each…(one vs an immortal so 10 rounds for 2 points…) and the last one i lost and got -20 rank points…

I need the 3 immortal builds pushed low enough so that i don’t face them 50% of the time. that would speed things up considerably for me.


I was monitoring my chest and i got 2 chest i bet i won 5 wins offline imm gonna tweak it more


moooooommmmm I’m on print!!!


i lost to you 3 times today so far so some of those chests are from me. I altered my strategy vs your AI and can now win 75% of the time but man does your AI hit hard. How many rounds does it take for you to kill immortal builds?


Right before I stopped playing earlier today I randomly matched up vs an AI I never played before. I’m guessing that is one of the people charging up the ranks right now.


I guess his/her name is like Moonthai (sort of asian or something I forgot lmao) and his/her chars are free kills :joy::blush: I wonder how he/she got into Div 2 eternal league…I guess hes/shes still experimenting a build


Finally! Not bad for a noob like me! Div1!! :joy:


That’s not bad at all :sunglasses:


Queued up arena and look who my first match is against today

Checked rankings beforehand and saw you are up to 4th place now, good job!


Wow that’s a strong AI. You definitely changed it recently.


Haven’t slept yet lmao. Finally, a decent Ai lol although I struggle climbing the top because of immortals behind me. I could definitely wreck the three at the top :sweat_smile::joy:


That’s the delimma, arena is like Rock Paper Scissors. Only 2 immortals still in top 10 though so one less in the rotation depending on your rank. Kaboodle tweaked his AI also.

I messed around with a new weapon and it turned out weaker…


Looks like everybody on div 1 changed their AIs… I changed mine too, not sure if enough challenging.

Let me take it for while


Grats. I’m actually testing some builds and taking a few Ls in the process. A lot of AI changes though from the top ranked prayers and definitely more challenging now.


testing some tweaks