Need Help leveling

Sorry for the noob question.

Is there a difference in exp in stage 1000 compare to stage 200? Where should I level my hireling?

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There’s no difference other than its easier and quicker at lower floors :sunglasses:

Just as I thought, I’ve been doing it wrong the whole time, after 3 Ascend on my hireling I just noticed it. Thanks alot.

experience from monsters stops increasing at floor 100. so it’s best to farm for Experience on floors 100-110 using Challenge maps, unless you need something on a higher floor.

if you are willing to spend money, you can purchase the 1 hour +100% Experience Boost.

for free, there is the +200% Experience from Quest Stones, M3 Difficulty gives the best Experience Bonus, there is the Yellow Experience Shrine, the Orange Hunter Shrine, Nadroji Bonus increases the chance of Magic & Rare Tier Monsters appearing by +100% (the higher the Tier of the Monster, the more Experience it gives), Pack Size Map Affix for more monsters to kill, same for Magic-Rare-Epic Monster Map Affix, Enemy Affix Map Affix (the Experience Enemy Affix increases the monster with this affix by +100%), Hunter Perk or Ring for Epic Shrine Guardians, Accomplished Perk to finish Monster Spawn Feats faster, Hireling Experience Bonus (low when Hireling lvl 1 & Main lvl 99, but as Hireling gains levels, the Experience Bonus starts going up as the level difference goes down).

this is stuff found in the Forums, and I did all this when I Ascended my Wizard, and when I leveled up 3 of my PVP Characters to 99, and am doing the Hireling Ascending way with my last 2 Characters.

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So that’s why. My main is lvl 88 and my hireling is 50, it means they share exp from mobs…

Be warned that every time you ascend while it is relatively easy to get to level 80 , rest is a long grind. I’ve finished all ascending and am slowly crawling to level 99 once more :joy:

Every time you ascend is the experience required also increases?

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Yes. You gain more experience but you also require more experience. Stick at floors 100plus for quick levelling though.

here are two great Threads on the subject of Leveling Up with a Hireling and how Experience is affected.

First Perk: you need X amount of Experience for the First Perk. after choosing, you go back to level 1.
Second Perk: you need 2X amount of Experience for the Second Perk. then back to level 1.
Third Perk: you need 3X amount of Experience for the Third Perk. then back to level 1.

Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!

Fourth Perk: you need 5X amount of Experience for the Fourth Perk. then back to level 1.
Fifth Perk: you need 7X amount of Experience for the Fifth Perk. then back to level 1.
Sixth Perk: you need 10X amount of Experience for the Sixth Perk. then back to level 1.
Last Ascension: you need 14X amount of Experience to get back to level 99 for the last time.

when I was Ascending my Wizard and chose my Third Perk, and saw how much Experience I needed for the Fourth Perk, I felt a serious chill :snowflake: up and down my spine and a shock to my nervous system.

here is a post I made while Ascending when I met a Mythic Monster and got lots of Experience.

Now it’s crystal clear :slight_smile: thanks…

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