Exp boost - diminished value with level difference?


First, would like to make sure everyone understand this thread is not meant as a Gripe thread. I genuinely believe a small discrepancy exists somewhere. In no way do i feel violated by IAP’s. If anything, i feel violated by a very hard to spot bug… don’t sleep around kids…

And lastly, After MUCH time spent, courtesy of @tdaniel, I am actually very satisfied that the item in question works close enough to it’s advertised abilities. So much so, that after first hand demonstrating it’s adequacy, seen here https://youtu.be/221syc5omFQ @tdaniel has given me full confidence in its ability. I do plan on using them still to aid in my ascending… right now as a matter of fact.

Shiny Box Games. Quality :slight_smile:


Ok. So I’m doing some ascending stuffs. Decided to speed up my leveling cause I got important stuffs to get done. 0.o

I got 70ish % exp gain before boost, ONLY 96% after boost. Is it just me or is this pretty lame. Don’t get me wrong, got no prob supporting Shiny Box. Adore the work @tdaniel and all the devs do bringing us this amazing game… BUT…

when paying for a 100% boost… it should be flat 100% added to hireling and main no questions asked. Not 20% due to characters level difference, dimished returns, etc.

I could see it if the cap was reached, but in this case not even close.

I think this answers the question earlier @Mr_Scooty. Haha. :slight_smile:

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Could be something borked on our end. Upload your save game data and dm me your email address. I will pull it down on my end and test it against a vanilla (not kitted out) account.

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On it. Just uploaded and messaging you now. Ty sir :slight_smile:

It’s a bug. You should have got 170% from 70% exp gain as intended and I know that for fact and there’s no cap.

Also having had 200% exp gain become 300% or 250% into 350%. Then shrine gave another 100% so up to 400% exp gain I could get .

Well… I’m at a stand still waiting for @tdaniel to reply. Hopefully soon cause I wanna pway dungeon qwest… o.0. Lol

Guess it’s time to head to the back yard and play in the river for awhile

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Its on my list and I will try to look at this weekend. Currently working out a bug with the Apple TV version of our latest patch and will need to resubmit for that before I test this issue out.

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Mmmk then. I hope something becomes of this because I keep plugging money into this game discovering issues within the real money IAPs without complaining really, without compensation… , but I kinda figured it would be a priority. Note the spawn boost potions / enslavers… etc.

Anyways. Ty

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I can understand that.

I am already running tests on a few of my save games in the background for this issue, but it takes time to track down clear reproduction steps so I can give steigerbox enough info to fix the issue. Currently I have two save games that are burning through 2 hours of exp boosts but I have to do that in real time, I don’t have any way to speed up that time, etc.

Realistically I won’t have a fix for the issue until monday at least (apple would take at least that long to approve a new patch or update) and I still need to track down the actual issue to make sure it is not just a reporting error (incorrect number shown) on the player stats screen.


Alright. Sounds good. @tdaniel
Just so ya know, I felt kinda sourish, not because of the buck… because of sloooww exp. Lol. Well… and quote ““I’ll try…”” didn’t sound so reassuring.

Anyways, it’s all good. I’ve tricked my brain into feeling satisfied it’s merely a false entry on the stats page, or as you say, reporting error. :slight_smile:

It’s funny cause I began to think it might be only a display error… but I really can’t tell. I’ve only ascended 6x once. But you can understand my leeriness to purchase a bunch more when Im just not sure.

Placebo effect, nough said.

Appreciate your responses and acknowledgement. Ty :slight_smile:

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For the record, I’m such a sucker for tests… I bought one more to compare against previous avg map exp.

I’m not sure… but it didn’t seem the boost made a difference.

Ahh well. Science. Haha. :joy: Still. I appreciate the detailed response. Ty.

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Ok, so my tests show me that the boost is reporting the correct number and is working…on a new account.

What I am going to do now is pull down your account, drain the boosts, check XP collection, boost again, check XP collection.

Are you using a fully “ascended” character when you are playing on your end? I want to make sure I am using the same characters you are seeing this issue with.

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6x ascended warrior main… 3x ascended wizard.

It’s the wizard I’m leveling. As a hireling.

Now I realise that any other exp gain method, be it mythstone… legend affix etc… is all calculated between the two… averaged … math n more math, with level difference factor etc…much variables.

But the exp boost didn’t give a flat 100% as expected with a paid boost.

If ya need any other info lemme know. I’m also playing on without waiting. :slight_smile:

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And hmm… I might have uploaded again… messed it up maybe?

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no worries!


But I boosted again… still not 100% increase lol

PS: as the wiz goes up levels the boost gives more… it’s like… it’s diminished

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That would be correct, but only in regards to ascending. Each time you ascend the amount of XP required to level up is increased by a % (varies by ascendancy level)

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No no… i mean the boost value … on paper in stats even. Well… honestly too many factors for me to know… but it’s NOT a 100% added on with boost. That much I know

when you look at the adventure stat page, what is your “TOTAL EXP GAIN” for your wizard and warrior?

Are you gonna be here in 25 minutes? If not that’s ok… but my boost burns out then. I will get pic of before boost and after buying another boost

Don’t buy another boost I can simulate it on my end and (I should) get the same number as you. Upload your current save game for me and I will pull it down.

once I download it I will tell you what I see on my end. That way we can make sure at least we are not seeing different values on the same save game.

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