Need help on climbing and farming

By the time of writing this, I am:
– only playing with a single warrior class, no hireling;
– currently at lvl90 (1st ascension: Fortunate);
– playing on epic difficulty at floor 235.

I am confused whether to [1]make a damage-based build to climb up floors for ‘maybe’ more rarity drops, [2]build a farming gear/build which– at this moment, can only hold up to Epic difficulty, or [3]make it hybrid, but only put Luck%/ItemDrops affix for farming, since I am planning to get a Dealer perk for more easy money.

Also, please list down any farmable/craftable legends which has a set for Farming and dealing HUGE damage. I am planning to build a fire or poison-based damages for faster farming.

Thank you.

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Oh i know! Let me summon the Master of DQ @Golem

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:man_mage: :crystal_ball: lets see… :eyes: .

look in the Codex > LegendEx > Warriors. look for Items with Legend Fortune Skill & Item Drop.

the 2 Posts I shared will give you a little help on improving both your Damage and DPS. as a Warrior, get Block to +60%. OH Shield will give +10% Block. if you can find one with a Crystal +45% Block, and one other Item with Epic +15% Block (look in Warrior LegendEx) you’re good with defense. on higher floors, you might want to have +30% to +60% Dodge or do a Search :mag: for +100% Block Build for Warriors. oops, almost forgot to mention Sanctuary Mythic, but that might be a little later in the game.

since you are going for Perks, don’t worry about anything else. work on getting a Quest Myth Stone on each of your Items for +200% Experience, and only kill monsters on Floor 100 or Floor 100 Challenge Maps (experience from killing monsters stops going up at floor 100, so on higher floors, the monsters get harder to kill for the same experience you get on the easier ones on floor 100. of course, the harder the difficulty level, the better the experience and the tougher the monster). while Ascending for Perks, you can experiment with affixes and stuff (that’s what I did) and learn the basics. while Ascending, you could put a few Hero Points into Fortune Skill so you can do some light farming while getting Perks.

you can do a Search :mag: for Ascending Builds for more advice or ideas.