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before Patch 3.0, it was Critical Hits that applied Arcane Debuff. with Patch 3.0, it is Weaken that applies Arcane Debuff. if you go with one Crystal +90% Weaken, then you have a 90% chance to apply the debuff. Weaken 100% or higher should be automatic debuff.

@NUIQUE , I know how you feel. reading old posts can be kind of hard if you aren’t sure of the information still being relevant with later Patches.

I have been reading older posts of Builds, and see that many of them use +5000 WD & +5000 ED. +100% WD used to be +50%, and only a few items had +100% Legend ED.

I was just looking at this post, and now I can see that, for all OH and half of the MH Weapons, +5000 WD would be better if you have limited space on your Build. using +100% WD gives less DMG than +5000 WD. a Legend +200% WD would be better than the +5000 WD. of course, if you have the space, using +5000 WD and either of +100% or +200% WD together is even more DMG.

if you look further down at the Level 20 items, you will understand why Flat WD & ED is better than using %. they give you +1040 each, where using the reduced by Arena WD & ED % give a lot less. even a +400% WD from an Eternal Item gives less DMG than Flat WD in the Arena.

anyways, this is how some old posts are no longer accurate, and some are still useful.

@dickwad Arcane Element is an Elemental based Element. Empyrean Mythic gives +50% DMG when you Elemental Crit, so Arcane Elements Elemental Crit, Orbit, would do +50% more DMG, just like the other Elements.

the downside of using Elemental Crit to get the Arcane Debuff, is that after 5-6 Elemental Crits of the same Element, if the monster is still alive, it becomes immune to the Elemental Crits of that Element. which means that no more Arcane Debuff.

with Critical Hit, you normally had up to a 60% chance for applying Arcane Debuff, more if you used Epiphany Set, and Coat Skill increases your chance to Critical Hit for the duration of the Spell. plus some Skills give extra chance for Crit Hit also.

when 3.0 came out and you needed Weaken to apply Arcane Debuff, your chance to apply the Debuff got lots better, and you could even go over 100% to apply the Debuff with every hit.