New players ask your question and you will get replies ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Itโ€™s struck me that when I was a starter then you would have to browse guide after guide to get the information you need. To make it simple post all your questions on this thread and Iโ€™m sure someone will answer with the knowledge required. DQ is all about fun and co operation. If you want PvP tips then you may get tips or hints to read certain builds to study (in other words , go and read them ). PvP is competitive but the players will give you an heads up :sunglasses: Every other question will get straight forward answers and probably answerers disagreeing on the answer. But thatโ€™s part of the fun . I have learned that the newcomer can learn lots from the experienced but also the other way around. Welcome to DQ.


Nice one @dickwad. I thought of posting something similar to this thread earlier but it takes me a lot of mental effort to keep my english english in answering questions.

I am very very grateful to see you and @Golem keep the forum alive and very hospitable. This will help us unknowledgeable a lot.

Long live Lee and TJ!

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Which one id better to use

Generally, you will benefit more from nadroji amulet because of +2 set numbers and the nadroji bonus that may be activated from the nadroji robe and hat.

If you already have a total of +4 set numbers or you have already activated nadroji bonus via other nadroji items choose eternalized set.

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Yes Iโ€™ve been using nadroji Robe and ring

Use nadroji amulet until you get eternal nadroji ring or elixer mythstone.

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if you already have a Nadroji Robe & Ring, then use the Eternalized Amulet. this will increase your chances of getting Eternal Items, including Eternal Pets.

but if you are using the Nadroji Amulet with the Ring to get +4 All Sets, then wait until you get the Myth Stone that has +2 All Sets so you can put it on the Perpetual Clasp later. +4 All Sets is better to have than +2 All Sets and Eternalized Set. unless you are really determined to have a boost for collecting Eternal items.

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peeps does sureshot mythic also apply to elemental critical?

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Say if your elemental critical chance was 30 % and you that element legend critical too ( eg frostbiting for ice, ) now that help. Sureshot just does deadly strike which is only a guaranteed way to reduce an enemies hp and only when at full hp. So no basically.

very recently, I used Quartz on an item I was Crafting, and discovered something new that I havenโ€™t read in the forums before, that Quartz can take off of an item. I am doing some tests with both Quartz and Kyanite and will do a Post on what I find. I was using Search to see if I could find more info, but couldnโ€™t find anything. I feel like I have made this discovery before, but it wasnโ€™t a problem back then. now I see that it could be a problem for players using Quartz, which is why I am doing some tests.

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Ohโ€ฆ NO :astonished:!!! Donโ€™t use quartz :scream: Is quartz a troll?

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It removes a random number of affixes or all at once. Including legend, Chrystal and set affixes :sob:

I know that, thatโ€™s why I was using it. on my Epic affix Build that I was placing Crystal affixes on. Epic affixes are replaceable. but I had something on one item that I didnโ€™t expect Quartz to work on, which is why I am doing these tests and posting them to help other players.

Just been testing on crafted items. Some time s the epic are removed first. After that you have a fifty fifty chance of all affixes other than mythic being removed or all affixes going. So i say it removes between 1 to 6 affixes each time you use a quartz is whatโ€™s I conclude. If you have 6 affixes on an item then the most you can lose are 6 and the least are 1. Itโ€™s too much of a gamble :crazy_face:

But if you fancy a gamble then unsocket any precious mythstone as you will loose it but leave the empty socket on the item as itโ€™s classed as an affix. After that itโ€™s good luck. 1 chance in 6 of losing everything.

I farmed a few gems, need some ideas on what to do with them. A good warrior farming build might be fun, or a good pve wizard build to go with my rogue farmer. Any suggestions?

What to do with them gems?
Well you seem to be inclined to hoard more gems with your statement. Here:

As to a PVE wizzard build, most are built around the ff. sets or combinations thereof:

Arcanist + Ascendent
Crushing Flames

dear sirs/maโ€™ams:

  1. what weapons/skills cause piercing damage for rogue?

  2. novaโ€™s description says it does 250% OH damage. is that correct? i was thinking of putting nova in my OH but my OH weapon says 0 damageโ€ฆso i would be doing 250% of 0 damage then?


Ooh somebody please help @thedude52