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@thedude52 Legend Elemental DMG +100% & Legend Weapon DMG +200% can’t be rolled with Ruby. Elemental Critical DMG can be rolled with Ruby (Frostbiting for example). here is a good post on what the restrictions are.

also, after about 5 or 6 Elemental Crits, monsters become immune to them.

@Petapan before you go into Campaign Mode, there is a list of Boosts, and you can see which ones are active. also, while in Campaign, you can look at the Boosts in the Shop, and you can see if there are any active.

Hirelings: Dungeon Quest is a Free to Play game, you don’t really need a Hireling. just pick a Class and start having fun. now, if you want to play with more than one Class and/or have a Hireling, then you need to buy at least 1 or 2 more Character Slots for $0.99 each.

Hirelings give extra firepower for Farming Builds, Climbing Builds, and 2v2 PVP Builds. the Hireling is run by the A.I., but you can tweak the A.I. settings for it.

there is a small Experience boost when using a Hireling, but the bigger the difference the Levels of the Main & Hireling, the less Experience you get, especially for the one with the lower Level. you can either level the 2 Characters together, or use a Level 100 Character to Level up your Level 1 Character. or just level it up Solo. Experience Boosts are also averaged between Main & Hireling. you don’t really need these unless you are getting all the Perks for these Characters.

for Farming, the Hireling needs the same Luck & Item Drop as the Main, as they are averaged. when using Epiphany Set, both Characters need it. Gold Find only needs to be on the Main Character. same for Nadroji, Eternalized, Crystaline, and Mythic Set affixes. a Farm Build using a Main & Hireling also gets a +100% Item Drop Boost over Cap. a Solo Character can get up to +200% Item Drop, with a Hireling, you can get up to +300%.

Converting a Legend Item costs 245k Gold for a random Rare Crystal. Converting an Eternal or Crystal Legend Item costs 500k Gold for a random Ultra Rare Crystal. Epic Items are 108k Gold for a Normal or Rare Crystal. Rare Items are 80k Gold for 70% chance of Random Crystal. Magic Items are 45k for 55% chance for Random Crystal. Normal Items 1k Gold for 10% chance of Random Crystal. if you have a Mythic Item, 500k to Convert to Random Myth Stone between lowest & highest Myth Stone used to make the Mythic Item.

Salvaging an Item gives you the option of selling for Gold or getting Dust. the amount of Dust you get is based on the Items Level, and whether it is Legend, Eternal, Crystal, or Mythic. Legend items give 1 to 5 Dust, and it costs 5k Gold per Dust you get from an Item.


Hi again, and thanks

I got 2 more slots now. One for each class. I play warrior + wizard together and rogue alone (my starter class). I also bought the premium stash to share off class items for say warrior when being on rogue.

1 What should I do with found pets? They keep stacking up, and the stats are less useful.

2 What difficulty to play on? Currently epic or legend floor 40+ because it’s fluid enough.
To what floor? I read a guide recommending to get to floor 200 asap via very easy mode… but for a specific build. I’m asking for general play.

3 (ps) The game seems to be very item leaded. Meaning the build is dictated by what items you have / find. (Have Legendary powerful sword? - use flurry and sword throw for instance)
-> Should I A) concentrate my heroics on a specific build , or
B) spread it out, or
C) put most stuff into Defensive and Fortune (the gokdfind/itemfind one) ? ( as beginner floor 45+/raising of course)

B and C reset heroics later (cost money). I’m doing C atm.

4 (ps) Does Poison DoT stack? (Will I do more DoT damage when I have hit the target with my attack twice)? Or is poison meant for kiting?
Same for fire, but same mechanics I guess.

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Get to floor 200 asap with very easy difficulty because it is the fastest and easiest compared with other difficulty levels.

Once you can get to floor 200 on very easy difficulty, you can now also access the higher difficulty levels(easy-mythic3 difficulties) up to floor 200. This will save you time as compared to constantly grinding let’s say mythic1 difficulty up to floor 200.

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Keep your red or green legend pets.

If they are not red or green, sell them unless you do not have anything else better.

Important thing is to not convert them to crystals-imagine their agony through the process of transmutation.

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As a pet hunting Jedi master of say this. Never get rid of legend or eternal pets. Always level up any pet used in gameplay by killing enslavers with the pet equipped. Use precious stones to remove pet stats you don’t need ( kyanite) and add epic stats with topazes. If you don’t get the epic stat you want then you can keep rerolling it to a random stat using one of the blue stones.

Finally using stones to add or remove stats on a pet will cost you five stones (eg five topazes). So make sure you only have one precious stone (Eg topaz) when you do it. Still works. Don’t bother with eternal pets. You can change the pets element. Hope that helps.


How do you get “only 1” e.g. Diamond? I mean I have about 50 or so… can you split them?

I also added 2 ps question in previous post.

Convert diamonds to an higher stone

Then you can convert the next precious stone into one diamond using the salvage option .

if u have to choose between the 2, which is better?

a) 1 slot for extra attack+4
b) 1 slot for multiattack+2

or any other suggestion…should i even add them?
fyi i am using chakrams with frozen set atm (finally got my fabled blade😁)

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Extra attack I would say.

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It depends on the build.
But I assume you are asking which one is better for PVP purposes, correct? If it is a PVE/Farming Craft go for multi attack. Otherwise:

General Assumptions on witch is better…

Constant damage: multi attack

Burst damage: 4 Extra attack( epic 2 extra attack should not be even a choice)

Not to take away anything away from mate @dickwad, but
If I am in doubt I will go with multi attack.


yeah i was a bit in a predicament since i have 1 slot to use…4 extra attacks (extra 400%dmg) is nice but i didn’t know the probability of getting those 4 attacks…where as multiattack+2 (extra 100%dmg) was constant.

since my attack speed is at max(60) and i have celerity at 30…i went with extra attack+4 but i can’t really tell which does more damage in the long run :pensive:

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ps that’s not my final set… I’m waiting to get my insolence and then I’m gonna switch out my chest to anna’s bane and ring to the rozenzi

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Don’t think too much about it. What matters is that you are having fun with your current setup.

Save your resources until you have a concept in mind to build. (I-save ang iyong mga mapagkukunan hanggang sa magkaroon ka ng isang konsepto na nasa isip na magtayo.):crazy_face:

The nova and apocalypse mythics look really cool.


@NUIQUE google translate?? :smile:


hmmm not sure if i wanna use eternalized ring instead when my eternal drop rate is already at 300%…



Maaari akong magsalita ng filipino ngunit talagang nagsasalita ako sa ganitong paraan.

Haha. :+1:


Please think about it carefully.

Just keep eternalized set. I guess you do not want 550% eternal legend find rate?

For farming I suggest you get via epiphany set:

1012% luck
550% eternal legend drop rate
250%(350% with hireling) item drop rate

The excess eternal/green items are very good sources of ultra-rare crystals if you convert them(who doesn’t?)

It is up to you though.


A master class from @NUIQUE :grinning: As my mate @NUIQUE is top of PvP leagues I’d pay closer attention to the comments regarding extra and multi attack. I’m still learning :thinking:

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