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Mythics are created by putting 4 sockets in an item using zircon or just finding an item with 4 sockets and adding the mythstones in the right order (see codex) . For example… hero, protest, endow and quest in main hand weapon gives appocalypse . A favourite of mine but other myth words are available :sunglasses:

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here is a list of what can be used on an Eternal Item or Pet. I believe Calcite is the only Crystal that can be used on an Eternal Pet.

putting a Myth Stone on an item, or Converting/Salvaging Myth Stones, and I think taking them off of an item, will give a chance to reveal part of a Mythic Recipe. the lowest MS gives the lowest chance for a hint, and the highest gives the best chance.

I just kept using Myth Stones, and every once in awhile a Mythic Recipe would be revealed. I looked in the Forums for a list of Recipes, and I think I used one of them, but all the rest I just waited until one was revealed.

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Thanks dickwad and Golem

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Hi i have two new qustions ; first ascension second is about defence and healthpool.

Should I ascend as beginner or farm certainst items first?

Should I ascend 2 chars at

Or should’ve I use a helper, ? However my tests the exp is very low with a level 100 helping me (even as being about level 50, which is my third char)…? Even at mythic 3 around floor 100.

Thoughts experiences as beginner? I Read some use mythic 3 with a 100 helper… maybe I’m not fast enough (well of course a bit slower without mythic or eternal item). Hence those questions see above.

a) What is Armor compared to all resist, difference? I see both tuning up overall protection value!

b) Should I not use a lot of base health attribute and gear? Because: I used full Fauns Set, which i found while leveling (the one with HEALTH and luck and resistances). And stilll died at around legendary map 180 with pack size, I think vs Thorns or so!! My companion died much earlier…

This gives a lot more health than +%gear (When you have some %already). I had about 130k or so
So from my experiences, yes base health good

-My main Warrior with Axe and Horn. A lot of maps are not “damaging” me but occasionally there is deadly stuff…

HOWEVER: When I looked at some builds here at the forums, they don’t use a lot of defence at all. Only +%Health which turns out to be vastly inferior for the resulting health pool. And they play on much higher maps… (to repeat me just 180+ epic at the time, climbing)

So I’m wondering how do people survive and what I should go for as beginner and later …? Thoughts?

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Have one character do all ascensions . Don’t bother ascending two . In farming any ascending your hire ling makes doesn’t count. Only your main character.

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  1. a. up to you. you can Ascend, and collect stuff to improve your build as you go along. or Farm for awhile to get a head start on your Ascending Gear. as you get Perks, they help with Farming a little without even putting Farm Stuff on your Ascending Gear, which is what I did.

b. I have done solo & team Ascending. I find doing both at the same time at the same level feels kind of slow. I did a level 100 main with Ascending Hireling (did this 3 times for 3 no Perks Characters for PVP), and that went faster than Ascending Solo. with this method, you can start Ascending for Experience at floor 100-110 right away after you get the Perk, because you have the level 100 main. my Solo Wizard had to start at the lower floors and work back up to floor 100 while gaining levels again. if your Ascending Hireling is mostly defense to survive with max Exp boost, and just enough DMG to be amusingly useful…you die some at the early leveling up, but you level up fast in the first 30-50 levels, and the amount of exp goes up as your level gets closer to the Mains 100. my Hirelings were all Blood Magic & Sanctuary with all Myth Stone level 1 Equipment and a Mythic affix on all items, and I just Jaspered the items when I did the next Class (did one each of all 3 Classes this way)

  1. a. when you look at the DMG reduction from Armor & All Resist, your results are the same. of course, the All Resist is also increase by any Elemental Resist on your items, Pet, or Trinket, and any Elemental Resist affixes against a specific Element.

b. when you look at the Equations for Armor & All Resist (they both give the same defense, but can be used together for more defense), the Floor Level is a part of the Equation, so the higher the Floor, the lower the DMG reduction. that’s why max HP, Armor, & All Resist, still get one shot at higher floors. depending on the Builds you looked at. there are a few made to kill monsters before they have a chance to kill you. if they are dead, they can’t kill you (except for some Zombie or Ghost monsters). the rest do the same, but also have Dodge, Block, Sanctuary, or some combination of all 3. if they can’t hit you, they can’t kill you.

for beginners on the lower floors, HP & Healing is good defense. at higher floors, Dodge and/or Block, and at even higher floors, Dodge, Block, Sanctuary, Perma Stealth or +100% Block Builds. or a Kill Monsters First Build.


I mean a lvl 100 helper, to kill stuff faster

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You need a high block,dodge helper with lots of damage but keep your luckiest character standing away from the action and just reviving helper. :ghost:

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I Read all stuff, Thanks. Hmm One shot despite Health resists armor is new to my game experience. So later block dodge or kill faster what you wrote.

1b my wizard helper is all legendary level 90 to 100 gear. Do you think it’s good enough for exping at floor100+ m3.
Ye I will do maybe a mix, get one ascension, to help farming first (So fortune in my case).

I’m not having any quest stones, like those mentioned in some guides, the 2 I found are in Fauns level 90+


Every item you need to climb mythic 3 100 plus can be found on normal 100 plus. I stopped farming at mythic 3 floor 1244

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That was over a year ago.

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@Petapan my only experience boost was from that wanderers cap when I first started Ascending, but I found a few Quest, and Converted lower Myth Stones to get up to enough Quest’s to max out.

One Shot Kill By Monster: with a Pet, there are 42 spaces. using Talents, Skills, Mythic’s, Sets, Affixes, and anything else, there is a limit to how much Armor, All Resist, Elemental Resist, Damage Reduction, MP Absorb, and HP (Health) you can get. but floors continue to get higher. in the Armor & All Resist Equations, the value for the floor you are on keeps going up, which is what makes the DMG reduction from Armor & All Resist less useful at higher floors. even if you used all spaces for defense, you DMG would be so low, you couldn’t kill any monsters.

as long as you can kill monsters at a decent speed and you don’t feel like getting Perks is going too slow, you are ok. my first Ascending Wizard killed quickly at floor 100-110, but slowed down around floor 260+. since I was focused on Experience, I wasn’t worried about higher floors until after I got all 6 Perks.


Old player asking a question now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: How do I get my rogues A.I. to play as campers when other players play my offline characters in live play . All my characters seem to charge towards the opponents like a bull in a China shop !


I think I saw a post on this, but I don’t remember what the answer is. you might have to do A.I. setting tests in the Test Arena. and of course there is an answer, considering all the Campers in the BA.


Lol every time I change them the result is the same. The toons go on a murderous rampage of self destruction :sob:


the only reason I haven’t tried to discover the Camping Secret A.I. Setting is because I haven’t really been interested in making a PVP Camping Build.

I wonder if understanding how the Camping Settings work can help in defeating a Camper? :smiling_imp:


No it will be useless against another camper. two enemies doing nothing. Lol what an exciting match :crazy_face:


I don’t mean using a Camping Build against a Camping Build. that would be a ridiculous, I mean, exciting fight! :roll_eyes:

more along the lines of, if I know what Camping Setting are, I can make a Build with Settings that can take advantage of my enemies Camping Settings. :nerd_face:


Haha :slightly_smiling_face:


Good explanations.

  1. By the way I tested the aoe with whirlwind now. I jaspered a wizard item with +2 aoe yard and equipped it.
    In Arena vs Dummy the range was still super short… So my Conclusion WW is only increased by spell size.

Is there any way to increase Spell size outside of the heroics itself?

  1. So ÝM main is whirlwind. (Level98 at first perk) I think its biggest weakness is crowd control. For example fear walk against the wall or frozen.

Which items are a cheap solution to that? Or what do yu recommend in general?

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